Superactive Capsules Pure Double Vitamin C & Vitamin E Serum Review


This post is a review of the Beauty Pie Superactive Capsules Pure Double Vitamin C & Vitamin E Serum.

Superactive Capsules Pure Double Vitamin C & Vitamin E Serum

Firstly here are 10 facts about Vitamin C and reasons why you should add Vitamin C to your skincare routine!

10 Facts About Vitamin C in Skincare

1. Your skin will appear brighter and more smooth after using Vitamin C. This is because Vitamin C speeds up your skin’s exfoliation rate making your skin more even

2. Vitamin C stimulates your skin’s production of collagen and elastin which helps to plump up your skin and reduce wrinkles

3. Since Vitamin C protects your skin from the environment and UV damage it is best used in the morning. UV light has been found to lower the skin’s Vitamin C levels.

4. L-Ascorbic acid is the form of Vitamin C which penetrates the best

5. A potency of between 3-20% is most effective

6. Vitamin C works better with Vitamin E which is why you often see Vitamin C and E in skincare serums. A good serum also has ferulic acid

7. Vitamin C reduces dark spots and age spots on the skin but speeding up your skin’s natural exfoliation rate.

8. Wounds heal faster after using Vitamin C on the skin

9. Vitamin C serums are more effective than creams or toners

10. Vitamin C protects your skin from pollution in the air such as car exhaust, cigarette smoke

Vitamin C in Skincare: What to Look For

When looking for a vitamin C serum make sure that the form used is L-ascorbic acid. Ideally the concentration should be between 10-20% depending on how sensitive your skin is. I use 10% since 20% was too drying for my skin. An ideal ingredient combination is l-ascorbic acid, Vitamin E and ferulic acid. Since Vitamin C oxidises when exposed to the atmosphere the best products come in airtight packages or dark bottles.

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Beauty Pie Superactive Capsules Pure Double Vitamin C & Vitamin E Serum

At the moment my favourite Vitamin C product is the Beauty Pie Superactive Capsules Pure Double Vitamin C & Vitamin E Serum. This product is 10% Vitamin C and contains Vitamin E inside airtight capsules.

Beauty Pie Superactive Capsules Pure Double Vitamin C & Vitamin E

The product works as an excellent base for makeup and leaves a matte finish on the skin. It has that iron like smell that all good vitamin C products have but it’s not overpowering.

Since this product comes in small capsules it is perfect for travelling or carrying in your handbag. I used these capsules in the morning and a different serum at night.

When I was reading about everything you should look for in a vitamin c product, the Superactive Capsules Pure Double Vitamin C & Vitamin E Serum ticked all the boxes. The product contains vitamin c in the form of form used is L-ascorbic acid, as well as vitamin E.

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Vitamin C in Skin Care FAQs

How does vitamin C help your skin?

Vitamin C is an antioxidant and helps your skin’s natural regeneration process. It helps your body repair damaged skin cells and makes your skin appear brighter.

Is it good to put vitamin C on your face?

Check the percentage of vitamin C in the moisturiser. Most people can use topical vitamin C on their face without experiencing any adverse reactions. I found 22% too drying for me but was fine with 10%. You need to see what works for your skin type.

Which form of vitamin C is best for skin?

Pure ascorbic acid is the most effective at penetrating the skin barrier and increasing vitamin C levels within the skin.

Is vitamin C or E better for skin?

Both are antioxidants and work effectively when combined together.


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