How to Make Bath Bombs for Kids that are Super Fun & Smell Amazing!


Do you want to know how to make bath bombs for kids? Use this step by step guide to make cute and fun bath bombs for children in different colours and molds!

Bath bombs are inexpensive to make on your own and also lots of fun! If you are making bath bombs for kids there are loads of different molds to choose from. You can also hide little toys or trinkets inside them to make bath time more fun!

As well as being cheaper than buying them from a shop, the best part about making your own bath bombs is you know where all of the ingredients come from! I make sure that my ingredients are ethically sourced and don’t contain any harsh chemicals.

This DIY bath bomb recipe for kids is easy to make at home! Once you have made your bath bombs they will keep for around six months.

This post is all about how to make bath bombs for kids

Bath Bombs for Kids

Ingredients to Make the Bath Bombs

1/4 Cup of Citric Acid

1 cup Epsom salt

Witch Hazel

Your Choice of Mold

2 1/2 cups baking soda

Bath Bomb Colourant

Mixing Bowl

Spray Bottle

You may also wish to use essential oil or fragrance in your bath bombs but this is optional.

How to Make the Bath Bombs

  • 1. Combine the Ingredients

    Pour the the citric acid, Epsom salt and baking soda in the bowl and stir. Make sure all the ingredients are mixed well together. At this stage the ingredients are all in a powder as shown in the photograph above.

  • 2. Mix in the Colorant and Fragrance

    The next stage is to add a few drops of the colorant and if you wish some essential oil or fragrance. Combine the mixture using your hands. Please note that the oil and colorant will cause the mixture to clump together, but it shouldn’t start to fizz.

    Tip: Make sure you use a bath bomb colorant as food coloring could stain your bathtub!

  • 3. Spray the Witch Hazel into the Mixture

    Add the witch hazel to the spray bottle and slowly spray the mixture while at the same time mixing it with your hands. You need to get the mixture to be moist enough to form into the molds, but not wet enough to start fizzing.

  • 4. Pack the Mixture into Your Chosen Mold

    As you spray the witch hazel onto the mixture you will feel it start to stick together. When this happens start to pack the mixture into the mold. (See below for a selection of bath bomb mold ideas for children!)

  • 5. Leave Overnight to Dry

    Leave the mixture inside the mold overnight to dry and then gently remove the bath bomb from the mold.


Choosing Your Bath Bomb Mold

Christmas Mold

Create Christmas Bath Bombs with this Christmas mold which includes a christmas tree shape, stocking shape, santa shape, and other festive choices!

Boys Bath Bombs

Create boys bath bombs with different robot shapes, spaceships and astronauts.

Bath Bombs with Rings

If you want to make the more recognisable bath bombs with rings these molds will do that and come in many different sizes.

Unicorn Mold

Create Unicorn Bath Bombs with these unicorn heads.

Unicorn Poo Bath Bombs

If you want to create unicorn poo bath bombs you can use this mold and mix in a variety of different colours.

Halloween Mold

To make halloween bath bombs use this mold to create a bat shape, pumpkin, ghost or skull.

Bath Bombs with Toys Inside

If you want to create bath bombs with little toys inside you can use the kit below. It comes with little toys and trinkets inside the box.

Dinosaur Mold

If you want to make dinosaur bath bombs there are a variety of different dinosaur molds here to choose from. Just make sure you pack the ingredients into the mold well to pick up the detail.

Cake Bath Bombs

There are a variety of different cake shaped bath bomb molds available on Amazon. Here are some donut shaped ones.

Disney Bath Bombs

If you want to make some Disney themed bath bombs for kids you could try these Mickey Mouse shaped molds.

Harry Potter Bath Bombs

If your child is a Harry Potter fan you could try making Harry Potter Bath Bombs using this mold. The mold is designed to make chocolates but it would work just as well for bath bombs.

Easter Bath Bombs

If you want to make Easter Bath Bombs for kids, these easter egg shaped molds would work well!

Valentines Bath Bombs

On Valentine’s Day you can use these heart shaped molds to make some Valentines Bath Bombs.

How to Use a Bath Bomb

Once you have made your bath bombs simply run a bath of warm water and drop your bath bomb in. Make sure to fill the bath before putting the bath bomb in to ensure it dissolves properly.

As bath bombs can irritate the skin if used too often, I would recommend to not using them more than once a week.

Bath Bomb Kit for Kids

If you want to buy a full bath bomb kit then you could try out the DIY bath bomb factory below which is available on Amazon!

FAQs on Children’s Bath Bombs

Are bath bombs safe for kids?

Generally bath bombs are considered safe for kids 3 years and older.

Can a child take an Epsom salt bath?

Yes, Epsom salt baths are relatively safe for children

How long do bath bombs last?

The average shelf life of a bath bombs is around six months

How many bath bombs go in a bath?

It depends on the size of the bath but I would recommend no more than two in a regular sized bath tub.

This Post was All About How to Make Bath Bombs for Kids

How to Make Bath Bombs for Kids that are Super Fun & Smell Amazing!

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