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Best Non Toxic Deodorants That Actually Work – 2023

Are you looking for the best non toxic deodorants? Deodorants and antiperspirants are the most common personal care products we use, but many of them contain parabens, aluminium, triclosan, phthalates, and artificial fragrance.

These ingredients have been linked to cases of skin irritation, hormone disruption and allergic reactions.

This list of non toxic deodorants will help you find a brand that doesn’t use potentially harmful chemicals. I’ve also included vegan and environmentally friendly options as well.

Best Non Toxic Deodorants

Best Non Toxic Deodorants

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What’s the Difference Between a Deodorant and an Antiperspirant?

A deodorant will mask oder whilst an antiperspirant reduces how much you sweat. Many times a deodorant and antiperspirant will be combined in a single product.

Deodorants reduce odor in two ways. Firstly they have antimicrobial properties which kill the bacteria that cause the odor in the first place. Secondly they have a fragrance to mask an odor that is produced.

Antiperspirants work differently. They usually contain an aluminium based ingredient which blocks your body’s sweat glands.

The non toxic deodorants in this post do not contain aluminium, and so they will not stop you sweating.

How I Chose the Best Non Toxic Deodorants

I wanted to include deodorants that were safe, affordable and effective for anyone looking to avoid toxic chemicals. Some of the brands included are also vegan and environmentally friendly.

Instead of artificial perfumes I’ve found deodorants that are scented with essential oils and natural fragrance. I also looked for ingredients that are naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal such as coconut oil, as well as ingredients that are naturally absorbent like baking soda.

To ensure the products were vegan, I checked they did not contain beeswax.

All of the products listed are aluminum free (deodorant/antiperspirants usually contain aluminium). Although this has never been proven, Aluminum has been linked to increased risks of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and autoimmune disorders.

10 Best Non Toxic Deodorants

1. Wild Natural Deodorant

Best Non Toxic Deodorants

This is my favourite non-toxic deodorant out of everything I tested. It’s aluminium free, vegan and environmentally friendly!

The deodorant comes as part of a subscription that’s delivered to your door every three months. When you first sign up you get a reusable case in the colour of your choice and a refill in the scent of your choice.

The cases are available in coral, black, pink or aqua, and they have a wide range of scents to choose from including:

  • Wild strawberries
  • Orange zest
  • Jasmine and mandarin blossom
  • Fresh cotton and sea salt
  • Bergamot rituals
  • Coconut dreams
  • Mint and eucalyptus
  • Sandalwood and patchouli.

Once you join you’ll be sent refills every three months but you can alter your delivery schedule to a frequency that suits you. The subscription contains three new refills in the scents of your choice, and these can be the same scent or different.

The formula used is completely free from parabens, aluminium or sulphates and is vegan friendly. It’s better for the environment and also works out more cost effective in the long run!

When I tested this brand out I picked the pink case (shown in the photograph at the top of this page), and the sandalwood and patchouli scent. I found the deodorant smelt lovely and was very effective. Also, unlike other natural deodorants I’ve tested it didn’t leave a stain on my clothes.

Wild are a UK based company however they do ship to a number of other countries including the United States.

2. Salt Of the Earth Natural Deodorant

Best Non Toxic Deodorants

The Salt Of the Earth Natural Deodorant is a cruelty free, vegan, roll on deodorant. It’s free from aluminium chloride and comes in eight different scents.

This non toxic deodorant uses natural mineral salts to prevent body odour. Its main active ingredient is potassium alum which inhibits the growth of bacteria on the surface of the skin. This helps to prevent body odor whilst allowing your skin to breathe.

Whilst potassium alum does contain aluminium, it’s naturally occurring aluminium salt which is too large to be absorbed through the skin. It is the manmade aluminium that has the health scares associated with it.

This natural deodorant also contains moisturising ingredients such as aloe to which soothes sensitive skin. For more information about crystal deodorants (that contain potassium alum) see the FAQ section at the bottom of the page.

Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorant Roll On Lavender & Vanilla - 100% Natural Ingredients, Effective...
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3. Natural Deodorant Balm by Procoal

The Natural Deodorant Balm by Procoal is an aluminium-free charcoal deodorant. It’s made with 100% natural ingredients and is free from parabens, triclosan, phthalates and synthetic fragrances. It’s also free from potassium alum for those who would rather avoid it.

The formula contains natural anti-bacterial ingredients such as tea tree oil, coconut oil and cacao seed butter which are all help to neutralise odors. It also contains activated charcoal which removes toxins from the pores of the skin.

This deodorant is completed plastic free, environmentally friendly and vegan. It has a gender neutral scent so it’s a great option for both men and women. You only need a pea sized amount once a day, so this jar will last you a long time.

100% Natural Deodorant Balm by Procoal - Zero Potassium Alum, 100% Aluminium Free, Vegan Deodorant...
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3. Salt of the Earth Travel Deodorant Unscented

Best Unscented Non Toxic Deodorant

Salt of the Earth make some of the best natural deodorants. This is their unscented, travel option. It’s vegan, cruelty free, and 100% natural. The formula is gentle on the skin and made with natural mineral salts and aloe vera.

This deodorant stick won’t leave any white marks on your clothes and is a great choice to take with you on holiday or carry in your gym bag.

Salt of the Earth - Travel Sized Natural Deodorant Crystal - Fragrance Free, Vegan, Long Lasting...
  • 100% Natural Origin Deodorant - Free from Aluminium Chlorohydrate and synthetic chemicals, it's 100%...
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4. Your Nature Natural Deodorant

Best Non Toxic Deodorants

This natural deodorant is eco friendly, plastic free, cruelty free, aluminium free, and vegan. The formula is incredibly nourishing and moisturising for skin, and contains organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, organic arrowroot powder, candelilla wax, sodium bicarbonate and vitamin E.

This is one of the best options if you have sensitive underarms since it balances the skin’s natural pH whilst cooling, detoxifying and nourishing the skin. It comes in seven different scents including an unscented option.

YOUR NATURE - 100% Plastic Free & Recyclable/Natural Ingredients/No aluminium, Parabens or...
  • Ethically sourced ingredients
  • Eco and Vegan Friendly
  • Plastic Free
  • Recyclable
  • Free from Toxins ( No aluminium, Parabens or Carcinogens )

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5. Pit Putty

The Pit Putty is a vegan and eco friendly deodorant with an all natural formula. It comes in three different scents and is free from any heavy metals or harmful ingredients.

The formula includes organic unrefined shea butter, arrowroot powder, organic coconut oil, naturally mined baking soda, candelilla wax, sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, lemongrass oil, tea tree oil, and calendula flower extract.

You only need a bean sized amount each day, so this tin will last you a long time. The packaging is completely recyclable. This is an effective deodorant that will keep you smelling fresh on hot days.

Pit Putty 65g | Vegan & Eco-Friendly Deodorant Balm | 100% Natural Deodorant For Women & Men...
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6. i+m Fruity Fresh Deodorant Cream

Best Non Toxic Deodorants

The i+m Natural Cosmetics Fruity Fresh Deodorant Cream deodorises gently but effectively with coconut, zinc oxide and sodium bicarbonate. It contains tapioca starch which absorbs sweat and reduces the feeling of wetness without stopping your natural sweating process.

The formula also contains organic almond oil and organic olive oil to leave the skin smooth and soft. A small amount goes a long way so this jar could last you for several months.

i+m Natural Cosmetics Berlin, Fruity Fresh Deodorant Cream, 30 ml
  • The deodorant cream deodorises gently but effectively with a composition of coconut, soda and zinc -...
  • Soothes sensitive armpit skin, even after shaving with soothing zinc oxide.
  • Cares the skin velvety-tender with organic almond and organic olive oil, fair trade.
  • Without alcohol or aluminium.

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7. Natural Deodorant Co. Gentle Deodorant Cream

The Natural Deodorant Co. Lavender Gentle Deodorant Cream is cruelty-free, vegan, and plastic-free. It’s free from toxins and chemicals and contains only natural ingredients. The balm contains olive oil, Arrowroot, coconut oil, shea butter, kaolin clay, and lavender essential oil.

The consistency of this balm is buttery and soft. The white clay helps to draw dirt and toxins out of the skin and keep the skin dry, whilst the shea butter protects and moisturises the sensitive underarm area. Unlike a conventional deodorant this product both moisturises and deodorises the skin.

The Natural Deodorant Co, Gentle Deodorant Cream Lavender 55g, Aluminium Free, Plastic Free,...
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8. Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Botanical Cream Deodorant

Best Probiotic Non Toxic Deodorant

The Botanical Cream Deodorant from Aurelia is a multi award-winning, natural, aluminium free deodorant. It has a cream to powder consistency containing Arrowroot and Kaolin clay which absorbs sweat and keeps the skin dry. It also contains shea butter, tea tree, eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils which have antiseptic and antibacterial properties. This deodorant is lightly fragranced with the natural scents of lavender and bergamot.

This is one of the best natural alternatives which also helps to prevent ingrown hairs, whilst softening and deodorising the skin. It is free from synthetic fragrance and aluminum salts.

9. Weleda Sage Deodorant

Best Non Toxic Deodorants

The Weleda Sage Deodorant is one of my favourite non toxic deodorants. It’s free from aluminium salts and phthalates, and contains rosemary, thyme, and sage oil to neutralise odours without clogging the pores.

The deodorant comes in a recyclable glass bottle with a convenient spray top. It’s easy to use and lasts a long time. It has a strong refreshing herbal smell that leaves you feeling revitalised and fresh.

WELEDA Sage 12H Deodorant Spray 100ml
  • Natural deodorants to keep you fresh,Free from aluminium salts and phthalates,Contain essential oils...
  • Free from aluminium salts and phthalates
  • Contain essential oils and natural ingredients to neutralise odour
  • Doesn't disrupt body's natural functions

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10. Native Unearthed Natural Deodorant

The Native Unearthed Natural Deodorant comes in two different scents – sage and lavender or coconut and vanilla and is both vegan and cruelty free. The ingredients list contains a mixture of plant and herb oils to provide odour protection without interfering with the body’s natural perspiration.

My favourite scent is the sage and lavender which contains Arrowroot, coconut oil, shea, baking soda, cacao seed butter, sage oil, and lavender oil. This is a great choice if you want something calming and relaxing whilst avoiding artificial fragrances.

Native Unearthed Natural Sage Deodorant, Lavender, 60 ml
  • An effective natural deodorant Balm
  • Blended with a mixture of plant ingredients and herb oils
  • Provide odour protection without interfering with the natural perspiration process
  • Keep you fresh and odour free
  • The Vegan and cruelty-free formulation

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FAQs about Non Toxic Deodorants

What is Crystal Deodorant?

Crystal deodorants are made using potassium alum which is a natural mineral salt. Potassium alum has antimicrobial properties and has been used in deodorants in South East Asia for hundreds of years.

Since Potassium Alum is made up of large molecules, it sits on the surface of the skin creating a barrier. It is too large to be absorbed into the body. It’s a good alternative to Aluminium Chloride which contains much smaller molecules that the body can absorb.

Is there an Antiperspirant Without Aluminum?

No. Traditional antiperspirants use aluminium to block the sweat glands. You can however get aluminum free deodorants which contain ingredients such as kaolin clay and baking soda that absorb sweat, but they won’t stop you sweating altogether.

What is the Connection Between Aluminum and Breast Cancer?

So far there is no conclusive evidence that links the aluminium found in antiperspirants with a risk of breast cancer (source). One study showed that under arm skin only absorbs 0.01% aluminium from deodorant, which went up to 0.06% if you shave your armpits. Currently no large scale studies have been done on the relationship between aluminum based antiperspirants and the risk of breast cancer.

Is there a detox period when switching to natural deodorant?

When you first start using your non toxic deodorant, allow a 30 day window for your body to detox. You can speed up the detox process by applying kaolin clay to your armpits and leaving it for ten minutes to draw out the toxins.

After about a month your body will adjust to using a natural, non toxic deodorant. You can then continue using your natural deodorant every day to neutralise the smell of body odour.

This Post was all About the Best Non Toxic Deodorants

Thank you for reading my post about the best non toxic deodorants. If you have tried any of the products I have recommended please leave me a comment below and let me know how you got on. When it comes to choosing a non toxic deodorant there are many natural formulas available containing safe organic ingredients. Be aware if you have been using conventional antiperspirants for years, you may need to go through a transition period when you first start using your natural deodorant.