Hi, I’m Olivia,

My website, UK Beauty Room, has everything you need to help you look after your skin and hair.

I’m a big believer in the Indian and Ayurvedic approach to hair care. I only use natural oils and herbs and never heat, sulphates or harsh chemicals. In fact, I’ve created an entire hair care routine using this formula and it’s completely transformed the health of my hair.

Now, to help my readers create their own routines using Eastern teachings, I’ve written an eBook on Ayurvedic hair care, and regularly teach about the benefits of different oils on my blog.

You can think of me as your go-to-girlfriend in London for anything to do with natural hair care!


Olivia’s ebook on Ayurvedic hair care contains a checklist to help you discover your own Ayurvedic hair type as well as recipes, and lifestyle tips to help you get the healthiest hair possible!

  • Discover which herbs & oils work best for your hair
  • Find out what hair problems you are more susceptible to
  • Discover how your hair is connected to your bones
  • Find out what you should eat or avoid to get beautiful hair
  • Get recipes to create your own hair products

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Ayurvedic Hair Care Guide

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In a polite society, a well maintained skincare routine is one of life’s great successes” Violet Grey

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