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Product Selection Process

I know that trust is earned so I wanted to share more information about how I choose and review the products that are linked to on

When choosing which products to write about and recommend on my website, I always test the product myself before reviewing it. There are a couple of exceptions to this such as my hair dye posts. I obviously couldn’t dye my hair with over a dozen different dyes, but in these posts I show all the research I did when choosing a dye. I also include only original photographs from my research.

When writing about beauty products I also aim to include evidence based information, where possible, with links to the original source. I only use high quality sources from trusted medical or health websites. I want my readers to be able to make the best decisions when ordering beauty products and aim to provide useful information that is beyond what you could find from the company manufacturer.

When reviewing products I include only photographs I have taken myself to demonstrate my experience with the product, and I’m also now planning to include a video review with every post.

I also aim to compare each product with its competitors to give my readers all the information they need to make a decision on which product is best for them.


When I’m testing out a new beauty product I always use the product for at least a month before I write my review. This gives me enough time to test out the product thoroughly.

I also stop using any other products on my hair or skin that could alter the way the product works or the effect it has. My video reviews are always filmed after I have used the product. In them, I try to demonstrate how the product is used and what results you might expect.

I am aware when I test hair products that I have dry, fine and naturally curly hair, and I try to consider how the product might perform on other hair types. Similarly, my skin is often dry and dehydrated, and I bear this in mind when reviewing products that may suit my oily skinned readers.

In my reviews I give my own opinion of the product but also research other opinions across the internet. I take photographs to demonstrate the product so my reviews will be as useful as possible to my readers.

I am always interested to hear the opinions of my readers on any products I have reviewed on my website, so there is a comments section at the end of each blog post for this purpose. I hope my reviews are helpful but if you have feedback on how I can make them better please let me know.

Affiliate Disclosure

I use affiliate links on my blog. This means I may receive commission through a link, just like a sales rep would receive commission if they sell you an item in store. This is at no extra cost to you and will not affect your sale in any way.

I only recommend products on my website that I have used myself and try to be as transparent as possible with the pros and cons of each. I want to gain trust with my readers so I aim to provide all they information they need to make the best purchase choice for them.

This website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. I am aware however that some readers would rather not buy from Amazon. I have therefore included links to multiple vendors in each post, so you can buy from the merchant of your choice.