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Current Body LED Mask Unboxing & Discount Code

Current Body make a LED Light Therapy Mask which claims to reduce wrinkles by 35% in just 4 weeks. I’m currently testing this product out and will post an update with my before and after photographs in 4 weeks time. In the meantime here’s my unboxing post and video, and a discount code for you!

Current Body LED Mask Unboxing

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Current Body LED Mask Discount Code

Use discount code OLIVIACB for 15% off!

Benefits of Using a Red Light Therapy Mask

The Current Body LED Light Therapy mask not only reduces wrinkles in just 4 weeks, but also improves skin tone, texture, firmness, acne, rosacea, and pigmentation.

Red light therapy is also excellent for reducing acne scars. Some other benefits include:

  • A healthier looking complexion
  • Radiant and glowing skin
  • More supple skin
  • No redness or downtime
  • Immediate results

Latest Research on Red Light Therapy

There have been many studies proving the effectiveness of red light therapy at reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Some of these clinic trials are listed below.

Current Body LED Mask: What Comes in the Box?

Flexible silicone light therapy face mask

The mask, pictured below, delivers both red and near-infrared light to the skin.

Current Body LED Mask Unboxing
Current Body LED Mask Unboxing

Comfort Goggles

Although the LED mask can safely be used without goggles, you still get comfort goggles in the box incase you find the LED lights too bright.

Current Body comfort goggles

USB Charging Cord & Head Strap

A USB charging cord and battery pack come in the box, but you need to have your own USB charger. When you plug the battery pack in, a green light starts flashing. It takes 4 hours to charge fully and the green light will turn solid green once it is fully charged.

When the battery is low, the green light will start flashing again.

charging cable and head strap

Storage Bag

You get a protective storage case to put your LED mask into when it’s not in use.

storage case for the LED mask

How to Use the Current Body LED Mask

First wash and dry your face. Place the mask on your face, and use the strap to make sure it is secure. Switch the device on. There is an automatic shutoff function, so it will turn itself off after 10 minutes.

For the best results:

  • Use for 10 minutes, 5 times per week
  • Use on clean, dry skin only
  • Apply a serum and moisturiser immediately after treatment

If you decide to try the mask, please leave me a comment below and let me know how you got on!

Current Body LED Light Therapy Mask

This Post was my Current Body LED Mask Unboxing

Thank you for reading my post on the unboxing of the Current Body LED Mask. Don’t forget to use your discount code, and check back in 4 weeks to see my results!


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The mask sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing. xoxo Lovely

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