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FFS Discount Code 2022 – Best Shaving Subscription for Women in the UK!

Are you looking for a FFS discount code? I love FFS Beauty! In my opinion it’s the best shaving subscription for women in the UK! They offer free shipping, free engraving and make excellent quality blade heads! I’m delighted to be able to offer my readers two generous voucher codes for FFS Beauty – whether you’re already a subscriber or making your first order!

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my link, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure here.

If you’re new to shaving subscriptions, I’ve found them so convenient! You don’t have to remember to buy new blades every month as they just land on your doorstep and…… it’s free delivery!

Before I signed up to FFS Beauty I had no idea that I should have been changing my razor blades every week. I was slightly horrified to discover that razors actually collect hundreds of thousands of microorganisms on the surface of their blades. It’s disgusting if you think about it…. and rinsing them in hot water doesn’t get rid of them! It might rinse away the visible hair and dirt but thousands of bacteria and dead skin cells are left behind. It’s gross!

If you think about it you leave your razor in a warm, moist place like a shower or bath, and the bacteria and other microbes multiply. In just a few weeks that razor could have gathered millions of bacteria!!! It also puts you at risk of skin irritation or infection every time you shave!

Ideally you should be throwing your razor blades away every week and changing them, but this depends of course on how often you shave your legs. With FFS Beauty I get brand new clean blades delivered to my door every month – it’s so affordable and easy! I love it!

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FFS Discount Code

Before we get to my review I know some of you have only come for the discount codes, and that’s ok – here they are! The FFS Beauty coupons can be used both by new customers and regular customers! Enjoy!

£3 discount off your first box: click here and enter BOX3OFF at the checkout.

15% off an order: click here and enter 15OFF at the checkout.

FFS Beauty Review

FFS Beauty have made an excellent and very affordable shaving subscription for women living in the UK. The blades are made in Germany by the parent company of the Wilkinson Sword, and they all come with a lubricating vitamin E strip.

There are two subscription options to choose from: a trial razor set or a premium handle range (I chose the premium razor set as the handles are so lovely to hold!)

Before we get to my full review of FFS Beauty let’s first have a look at their products!

FFS Beauty’s Razor Sets


ffs razor
ffs discount code
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  • Metal handle in three different colours
  • 2 Stainless steel German-engineered blades
  • Lubricating Vitamin E strip
  • Styling bikini blade built in
  • Free shower holder
  • Free delivery

The trial razor set starts for as little as £6.95 a month. You get 2 razor blades, a handle and a free shower holder. You can choose from three different coloured handles: ivy, orchid and peony.

This was my first ffs box before I switched to the premium handles – I got the steel blades along with the free iris handle. Since then FFS Beauty have also sent me a free orchid sturdy metal handle along with one of my subscription orders.

If you want to try these you can use my ffs promo code to get £3 off your order – click here and enter BOX3OFF at the checkout. At the moment only the premium razor set offers optional engraving.


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  • Either a rose gold or black chrome finish
  • Personalised handle engraving of up to 12 characters
  • 4 x fine, sharp German-engineered blades
  • Lubricating Vitamin E strip
  • Either pivoting bikini blade or L-shaped blade for the face
  • Free shower holder
  • Free delivery

For just £3 more you can get the premium set which includes 4 razor blades and a personalised handle. The premium razor set is available with either a rose gold or black chrome handle. They also engrave your name on it!

There is a choice for either a bikini blade with pivoting head which adapts to the contours of the body, or 5 L-shaped titanium coated blades which are optimally spaced for facial shaving.

I have the one with the rose handle and I love it! It arrived with my starter set but FFS regularly send me new handles as well as fresh blades! I recently received the black chrome metal handle which I keep as a spare in my suitcase for when I go travelling.

FFS discount code: for £3 discount off your first box click here and enter BOX3OFF at the checkout.

FFS Beauty’s Other Products

FFS discount code

For 15% off click here and enter 15OFF at the checkout

FFS Beauty offer every product you could possible need with a leg shaver to go into your subscription box. This includes a shave scrub, shave cream, shave balm, facial wax strips, self tanning mousse and applicator, exfoliating mitt and tanning mitt.

After trying out all of their products I highly recommend including the shaving cream in your subscription. It is the best shaving cream I have tried and has won awards for it’s ability to keep the skin smooth and soft.

shave cream, ffs review

When you start building your subscription you will be given the option to add shave cream to your box, however you can also buy the cream separately.

FFS Beauty also offer a range of natural deodorant balms which you can include with your shaving subscription. They come in four different scents: Rosemary & Bergamot, Cypress & Bergamot, Tea Tree & Orange and unscented for sensitive skin.

All of their deodorants are handmade using only natural ingredients. They are free from parabens, aluminium, BPAs, petrochemicals and palm oil. The deodorants are also vegan friendly. They work by altering the skin’s natural pH level to prevent odour, without needing to block the sweat glands.

You can order any of their products separately to your subscription box with free standard delivery (with minimum spend).

The only product I had an issue with was their post-shave balm which for some reason made me itch! I’m aware other people have got on just fine with it but it didn’t work well for me, which is a shame because I was hoping I’d love it.

My Reasons for Choosing FFS Beauty

1. Not only is FFS Beauty a low cost subscription but they are also send regular free gifts with their subscription orders! In the past I’ve been sent a whole range of goodies with my monthly box including free wax strips, a free facial kit, a free pre-shave scrub, and free shower holder!

2. You can tailor your subscription to suit your own needs. If you shave your legs most days it will send you new razors every month, but if you only shave your legs a few times a week you’ll get your box every two months.

3. FFS Beauty do the best deals for tanning gift sets! My favourite tanning set includes self tanning mousse along with a luxury velvet tanning mitt, back applicator, exfoliator mitt and kabuki brush. The tanning formula blends really well and leaves a streak-free finish and soft, nourished skin! For all those products they offer a great deal – check it out here. They also have other tan bundles which make excellent presents and are currently on offer with an amazing discount!

4. In my opinion they produce the best womens razors available and charge lower prices compared with other shaving subscriptions in the UK. You won’t have to buy any more expensive razors from the drugstore, and FFS Beauty offer free uk delivery!

5 Benefits of a FFS Beauty Shaving Subscription

I love this subscription service – here are my top 5 reasons why!

1. It’s convenient

Of all hair removal methods, shaving is the quickest, but also means hair grows back faster. This means you need to do it more often. With a shaving subscription you don’t need to worry about buying new blades every month. It is also very easy to pause or skip deliveries if you have too many blades one month. On top of that, with FFS Beauty you get the lowest prices!

2. It’s more hygienic

Statistically men change their razor blades more often than women. Many women don’t realise that a razor that is over two weeks old can spread bacteria between different parts of the body. Women risk harm to their skin by using blunt and bacteria filled razors. A shaving subscription solves this problem!

3. It’s better for the environment

FFS do not use single use plastic disposable razors and also have a blade recycling scheme! Since all of their products are made locally in the UK, their carbon emissions are low. You can read more about the recycling scheme on the ffs beauty website. Read more here.

4. It’s cruelty free

All of FFS products are vegan and cruelty free. None of their products have been tested on animals and they do not sell to countries that do.

5. It’s all natural

With FFS you are only putting natural ingredients onto your skin. When your razor and products arrive every month you know that nothing contains parabens or harmful chemicals. FFS use only the best natural ingredients and make quality products.

Don’t Forget to Use Your FFS Discount Code!

FFS discount code

For £3 discount off your first box click here and use code BOX3OFF at the checkout.

FFS is easily the best shaving subscription in the UK and is super affordable with prices for a kit starting at only £6.95 per month!

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FAQs on FFS Beauty

What are the benefits of a FFS Shaving Subscription?

When you join FFS you sign up to their loyalty scheme where points can be exchanged for rewards. FFS will also send you an occasional free gift with your blade deliveries.

Can I pause my subscription if I don't need blades for a while?

Yes you can pause your subscription for three months and if you want to cancel your subscription you can just email the team.

Are FFS razors good?

Since you are using a fresh razor every time you shave, your legs always feel smooth and soft. Each blade has a vitamin E strip above it which helps to keep the skin soft.

This post is all about the best shaving subscription in the UK – FFS shaving reviews and FFS Discount Code

If you used either of my promotional codes to try out FFS Beauty please leave me a comment below to let me know how you got on! I love this company and will continue to update this post with their latest deals, best coupons, and best ffs beauty discount codes, so if you’re not quite sold then book mark this page and be sure to check back!