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OGX Reviews

If you are looking for an OGX product and aren’t sure which one to buy, you’ve come to the right place! This page contains all my OGX hair product reviews, YouTube videos and OGX round up posts!

OGX Hair Product Reviews

OGX is one of my favourite hair care brands. I’ve tested out almost all of their shampoos and conditioners, and I’m always looking for new OGX shampoos! If there’s a product you don’t see here and want me to review it, please let me know!

FAQs About OGX Shampoo

OGX Hair Product Comparison Table

The table below compares the texture and consistency of eight popular OGX shampoos and conditioners.

You can see from the photographs that the Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner and the Keratin Oil Conditioner, are much thicker than the others. At the moment the OGX conditioners containing Argan oil are among my favourites since they are so rich, creamy and moisturising.

OGX Hair Product Reviews - Comparison table showing the difference in texture between the shampoos and conditioners

Recommended OGX Products by Hair Type

Hair TypeBest OGX ProductsKey Ingredients
Flat HairBiotin & Collagen ShampooBiotin, Collagen, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein
Frizzy HairLiquid Peal ShampooPearl Extract, Sea Kelp
Dry HairArgan Oil ShampooArgan oil
Oily HairCharcoal ShampooCoconut Charcoal & Kaolin Clay
Hair LossTea Tree Mint ShampooPeppermint, Tea Tree Oil, Witch Hazel
DandruffTea Tree Mint ShampooPeppermint, Tea Tree Oil, Witch Hazel
Thick Damaged HairCoconut Milk ShampooCoconut Milk, Coconut Oil, Egg White Protein
Thin Damaged HairKeratin Oil ShampooKeratin, Argan Oil
Coloured HairOrchid Oil ShampooOrchid, Grapeseed oil

Favourite OGX Products

At the moment my current favourites are as follows:

Best OGX Shampoo Overall

OGX Liquid Pearl

After testing over 17 different OGX shampoos, my current overall favourite is the OGX Liquid Pearl Shampoo. I have dry, thin hair which is naturally curly and becomes easily frizzy. I found that the Liquid Pearl shampoo did an excellent job at reducing frizz and leaving my hair silky and soft. If you have frizzy hair this is a great shampoo to help tame flyaway strands.

Favourite OGX Conditioner

OGX Argan Oil Conditioner

Out of all the OGX conditioner products I’ve tried, the Argan Oil of Morocco conditioner was definitely my favourite! It has the best scent out of all the OGX products I’ve tried, and does an excellent job of moisturising dry hair.

I have dry, thin, curly hair so if you have a similar hair type to me, this would be my top recommendation! It’s also good for moisturising dry scalps and making the hair feel soft and silky.

The brand’s Argan oil range also includes a shampoo, hair oil, hair mask, cream and heat protection spray. I would recommend this range for anyone with coarse hair, dull hair, frizzy hair, or if dryness was your main concern.

Least Favourite Shampoo

OGX coconut milk shampoo

Although this is one of OGX’s most popular hair care products, the OGX Coconut Milk shampoo was one of the products I liked the least. I found that it left my hair looking flat and a bit greasy. Since the product contains coconut oil, which is a very heavy oil, I think the oil weighed my down my fine hair strands.

If you have thick hair which becomes easily dry you may have a better experience than me with this product. The combination of ingredients would suit brittle, dry or curly hair that isn’t thin or sparse. It also might work well for high porosity hair types who have damage from chemical treatments or heat styling.

What I’m Currently Testing

I’m currently testing out the OGX Smoothing + Liquid Pearl Luminescent Serum. Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on YouTube to be notified when I publish my next OGX review.

Other Places Online to Find OGX Hair Product Reviews

When I’m testing OGX products I also like to read other reviews online. I’m aware when testing a product that it might not be designed for my hair type, so I like to read other people’s opinions on the product as well.

Some sites I’d recommend for OGX reviews include:

OGX Hair Product Reviews

Thank you for checking out my OGX hair product reviews. OGX is one of my favourite hair care brands because of their exotic natural ingredients and gentle formulas. If there’s an OGX product that you want me to review then please let me know.