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Jade Roller Before and After Photos!

Do you want to see my jade roller before and after results? Scroll down to the bottom of the page!

Jade rolling is a centuries-old Chinese beauty ritual which involves massaging the face with a roller made from solid jade. The tool has a larger stone on one end for the cheeks and forehead, and a smaller stone for around the eyes and mouth.

This post looks at all the benefits of using different facial rollers as well as my results after using a jade roller every day for two weeks!

Jade roller

Jade rollers seem to be everywhere at the moment, and claim to prevent acne, reduce pore size, inflammation and puffiness, brighten the skin and also have anti aging benefits! They also help with lymphatic drainage.

I’m not sure how many studies have been done to prove these benefits, and the jade roller reviews I’ve seen online are mixed. So, I decided to try one out for myself and record my before and after results!

My Jade Roller Before and After Story!

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The History of Jade Rollers

Jade rollers date back to the seventh century and come from China where Jade is known as the “stone from heaven”. They were used along with gua sha (a scraping tool shown in the image below) to invigorate the skin and stimulate blood circulation to the lymph nodes where toxins are filtered out.

They are an essential part of Chinese traditional medicine which uses the acupressure points on the face. The image below shows the points on the face that jade rollers and gua sha are used to stimulate. By stimulating these energy points it aids the movement of chi energy and helps to beautify the face.

Jade was also used in ancient times by the Mayans and Egyptians to help tired muscles, since Jade is naturally cooling. It was believed to have healing powers and absorb negative energy.

jade roller, gua sha and facial pressure points

Different Types of Roller

Although jade has become the most popular stone for facial rollers, there are other stones such as amethyst and rose quartz which are also used. The type of stone that is chosen in traditional Chinese medicine is specific to the condition that the user wants to treat.

Jade Roller

jade roller

Jade is considered a revitalising stone and is used to relax the nervous system and eliminate toxins. It is the stone which is considered best for use in the morning.

It is a great choice for smoothing fine lines and tightening skin. Jade is also good for lymphatic drainage and healing blemishes.

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Rose Quartz Roller

rose quartz roller

Rose quartz stone has long been associated with beauty and youth. It is a stone that remains cool, unlike Jade which quickly warms to your body’s temperature. For this reason it is a good stone for reducing redness, puffiness and inflammation.

Rose quartz was also used by in both traditional Chinese medicine and by the ancient Egyptians to reduce wrinkles. Many people combine both a rose quartz face roller and a jade roller to benefit from the healing properties of both.

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Amethyst Roller

amethyst roller

In Chinese tradition Amethyst is used to balance yin yang energy and ward off negativity and stress. It is associated with promoting blood flow, reducing acne and tightening pores. This roller is an excellent choice for acne or blemish prone skin.

Using an amethyst roller for a face massage helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, and remove excess fluid and toxins from the face.

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Main Jade Roller Benefits

  1. Facial muscles become less tense
  2. Your skincare products are better absorbed into the skin
  3. Excess fluid in your skin cells is moved towards your lymph nodes where white blood cells remove toxins
  4. Less puffiness around the eye area
  5. Helps to release tension and stress
  6. Tones the muscles in the face
  7. Helps to clear acne and promotes more even skin
  8. Makes skin more elastic and reduces fine lines
  9. The cooling stone constricts blood vessels which reduces redness, swelling and puffiness

How to Use Your Facial Roller

After applying all your creams and oils you should use the roller from the centre of your face outwards. It is important to put your skincare products on first as it is believed that the roller will help the products to absorb better into the skin.

To use your jade roller start from the center of your face and using gentle pressure roll the stone towards the side of your face. It feels a bit like using a paint roller or tiny rolling pin! Once you have massaged your cheeks, move to the center of your forehead and continue to roll the stone outwards towards the edge of your face.

Next move onto your chin. Place the roller in the center of your chin and roll towards the side of your face.

Once you have massaged your cheeks, forehead, and chin, the smaller end of the roller should be used to massage under your eye, and around the brow bone and nose.

In order for the roller to help with lymphatic drainage, reduce puffiness and increase circulation, it is important to always roll outward. This massage technique is also supposed to help relieve muscle tension in your face.

I have demonstrated the technique in the video below.

My Jade Roller Before and After Results

When I first started using the roller I had been keeping it in the fridge and I noticed that the cold temperature of the stone was effective in reducing any puffiness and inflammation.

At first I didn’t see any dramatic results but after two weeks I noticed that the blemishes on my face had gone down considerably. The skin around my jawline also appeared to be more toned.

It was after the third week of using the jade roller every day that I started getting comments from people asking me if I was using a different face cream. My skin seemed more elastic, brighter, clearer and more toned.

Since in the past I have always suffered from blemish prone skin the biggest and most noticeable difference to me was how much clearer my skin was. The two photographs below show my face before and after I used the jade roller for two weeks.

jade roller before and after
jade roller before and after
After 2 Weeks

Jade rollers have many benefits and I would strongly recommend trying a jade roller out as part of your skin care routine. They are very affordable and as well as being effective they are also very relaxing. The one that I bought is shown in the image below.

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Tips on Using your Jade Roller

For the best results make sure you use your facial roller regularly everyday. You could it before applying face masks or treatments or just at the beginning stage of your skincare routine.

I also recommend combining a jade roller with a gua sha stone. The two tools work together to promote optimal circulation and lymphatic drainage, but work in different ways. Jade rollers are mainly used for lymphatic drainage whereas Gua Sha are used to release muscle tension and promote better cirulation.

Many jade rollers are sold together in a set with a gua sha since they are best used together. In time you will see improved skin tone and a more sculpted face.

More Information on Gua Sha

I have written a separate post on how to use a gua sha for face slimming. In the same way as jade rollers, gua sha are also used from the center of the face outwards. They also come in different stones including a solid jade stone, amethyst or rose quartz. They are an excellent beauty tool and very affordable to buy.

Jade Roller Before and After FAQs

Are jade rollers effective?

When used properly jade rollers can increase blood circulation and may be effective in stimulating the lymphatic system and facilitating the removal of toxins.

Which is better rose quartz or jade roller?

Rose quartz stays cool for longer than Jade when it comes into contact with the skin, so if your main goal is to target puffiness then Rose Quartz would be better. Both work equally well for lymphatic massage. If you believe in the healing power of stones, Rose Quartz is supposed to promote love, and Jade is supposed to promote balance, calm, and positivity.

How often should you use a jade roller?

Once a day.

Should I keep my jade roller in the fridge?

Yes if you want to get the maximum skin tightening benefits.

What do jade rollers help with?

Jade rollers reduce inflammation and puffiness and can reduce under eye circles. They also stimulate the lymphatic system and increase blood circulation. Over time regular use of a jade roller can lead to tightened pores, and reduced fine lines. If you use the jade roller after applying skincare products it can help the products to penetrate more deeply into your skin.


This post was all About my Jade Roller Before and After Results

Thank you for reading about my jade roller before and after results! Jade rollers are an excellent facial massage tool. They help to drain lymphatic fluid and tone skin tissue. They are now one of my favourite beauty trends! If you have tried out a jade roller please leave me a comment below and let me know how you got on!

Stella Mogesta

Monday 27th of June 2022

Do jade rollers help w puffy face

Olivia Herlihy RN

Monday 27th of June 2022

Yes they are really good for reducing puffiness! :-)


Tuesday 11th of May 2021

Is it helpfull for double chin???

Olivia Herlihy

Thursday 13th of May 2021

Yes! Lots of people use jade rollers or gua sha for face slimming. :-)


Thursday 1st of April 2021

I have a jade roller and I also love using it after I put all of my skincare products. It's very relaxing, and I also love it when it's cold. I enjoyed reading this, really really informative. Thank you for this! :)


Sunday 30th of August 2020

Hi I’ve been using a rose quartz roller with gua and I also have a ridge roller but not sure what I should roll I’ve had mine for tow weeks now and my skin feels a little tighter

Kelsey Buckholtz

Thursday 16th of April 2020

Very helpful! I have seen these all over Instagram but didn’t know what the benefits were!

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