Best Diffuser Hair Dryer for Curly Hair in 2022

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Are you looking for the best diffuser hair dryer for curly hair? Curly hair can be difficult to style. If you haven’t used the right styling products and tools, it can either fall flat or become frizzy during the day.

Adding a diffuser attachment to your hairdryer can help tame unruly curls and maintain curl definition! Without a diffuser, hair dryers can also blow curls out of shape and into frizz. This post lists the best diffuser hair dryers for curly hair.

A diffuser is a round, plastic attachment that you can slide onto the nozzle of your hairdryer. Diffusers are great for curly, coily or wavy hair types as they help to keep the hair’s natural curl pattern.

To get the most out of your diffuser, aim to use a low heat and speed setting to prevent tangling and frizz. Place each section of hair onto the diffuser and hold it against scalp while blowing dry. Lean into the diffuser to ensure the airflow is pointed upwards. For the best results use a curl defining product before drying with the diffuser.

Attaching a diffuser to your hairdryer is a great way to keep curls looking natural and bouncy. So, which is the best diffuser hair dryer for curly hair? This post lists the top diffusers that you can get from Amazon today!  

Best Diffuser Hair Dryer for Curly Hair

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Why use a Diffuser on Curly Hair?

Diffusers are popular with curly haired girls because they won’t straighten their curls, or make them poofy like a regular hair dryer does.

Regular hair dryers can disrupt the way curly hair clumps together, causing the curls to come apart and become frizzy and undefined.

A diffuser stops the air flow being concentrated on one section of the hair, so is less likely to disrupt the curls. They also help to increase the volume or the hair and smooth frizz when they are used correctly.

Even though diffusers mean a faster drying time however, it’s always better to air dry your curls if you can. Curly and coily hair needs to be treated with care, and heat from dryers can lead to damage which means frizzy curls in the long run.

The Benefits of a Diffuser

  • Diffusers won’t disturb your natural curl pattern: Diffusers help to keep the natural shape of the hair whilst adding volume at the roots. This is great for curly hair types!
  • They are less damaging than the direct heat from a blow dryer: Since a diffuser causes the air currents to spread out over a greater area it makes the heat less intense on the hair, reducing the likelihood of damage.
  • Diffusers prevent frizz: Regular hair dryers can leave curly hair frizzy or flat. Diffusers maintain the natural curl pattern without leaving any unwanted frizz.
  • Using a Diffuser speeds up drying time: The diffuser spreads the air flow over the hair evenly and can safely speed up the time it takes for the hair to dry, without causing damage.

What are the Best Diffusers for Curly Hair?

I have listed in this post the top diffusers for all curl types based on both my personal experience, and reviews from across the Internet. I have also shared the diffuser dryer than my hairdresser uses on my hair along with a video demonstration of how to use it.

You may need to order separate diffuser dryer attachments with some of the hairdryers listed in this post, as well as order styling products to help you create either tight or loose curls.

Parlux 385 Power Light Hair Dryer with Diffuser

Available at: Amazon or Sally Beauty

Parlux 385 Power Light Hair Dryer with Diffuser

When I visited my hairdresser she used the Parlux 385 Power Light Hair Dryer on my hair with a separate Parlux diffuser attachment. Be aware that you will need to order the diffuser attachment separately as it doesn’t come in the box with the hairdryer!

This diffuser dryer is a popular choice among hairdressers and hair experts, and for good reason! It helps to enhance your natural curl or wave pattern and improve the texture of your hair. If you aren’t able to air dry your hair, this is a great option to reduce dry time and prevent frizz!

Diffuser hair dryer for curly hair

If you want to see this diffuser dryer in action, I have a video where my hairdresser demonstrated how to use it on curly hair. The part of the video where the diffuser is being used starts at 05:40 in the YouTube video below.

I am aware this is quite an expensive hair dryer and won’t be for everyone’s budget. I am testing out a few other dryers with diffuser attachments that are a bit more affordable.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer with Diffuser

Available at: Boots or Dyson

A photograph of me holding the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer with Diffuser

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is even more expensive than the Parlux 385 Light. As you can see from the photograph below, the diffuser that comes in the box is slightly smaller than the Parlux diffuser. The size that is right for you will depend on whether you have long or short hair, and how thick your hair is.

A photograph of the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer with Diffuser

Even though it’s more expensive, this was probably the best diffuser dryer I tested out. It dries curly hair really quickly and helps to reduce frizz. This dryer also constantly regulates the air temperature to ensure your hair doesn’t get burnt.

A photograph of the Dyson diffuser attachment

My only complaint with this dryer is I felt it was quite heavy. The motor is in the handle and after a while I felt my arm started to ache when I was holding it. Having said that, this may just be because I’m a weakling! Apparently this is one of the most lightweight hair dryers available, so maybe I just need to build up my arm muscles!

A photograph of the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer with Diffuser

Unlike with the Parlux 385 Light hair dryer, the diffuser attachment comes in the box. It is easy to attach it to the end of the dryer. I checked on the Dyson website to see if there was an option to buy a larger diffuser size for thicker or longer hair, but it seems to only be made in one size.

A photograph showing the size of the Dyson diffuser attachment

I am aware this is an expensive hair dryer, and I am currently testing out a number of other diffusers that are less expensive but still do a good job. If this diffuser dryer is out of your budget, I’ve listed ten alternatives below.

Bellissima DIFFON DF1 1000 Hot Air Diffuser for Curly Hair

Best Diffuser Hair Dryer for Curly Hair

The Diffon Hot Air Diffuser from Bellissima is a must-have for all curly girls. With its clever design, you can dry your hair and keep those beautiful curls looking voluminous without the hassle of using an attachment on your hairdryer.

Curly hair is sensitive to heat which is why the this diffuser dryer carefully monitors air flow and temperature to dry curly locks quickly without damaging them!

This dryer uses optimal air flow and temperature combinations to dry the hair whilst gently adding volume and protecting the elasticity of the curls. It’s the best hair dryer I’ve found that’s designed with curly haired girls in mind!

This diffuser has a perforated grid to evenly distributes the air, as well as twelve long fingers to keep the curls in shape. It has two different levels of air temperature, one for medium short hair and the other for medium long hair.

Bellissima DIFFON DF1 1000 Hot Air Diffuser for Curly Hair, 700 W, 2 Air/Temperature Combinations,...
  • Brings out the beauty of your natural curls
  • Special curl system: gentle drying for controlled and defined curls
  • Dry-care system: the optimal combination of air flow and temperature offers gentle drying,...
  • Easy handle: ergonomic design for easy handling and use on your whole head
  • Easy handling is guaranteed by its comfortable shape that allows you to reach the more difficult...

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BaByliss Curl Dry Hair Dryer

The BaByliss Curl Dry Hair Dryer is an anti-frizz, curl boosting dryer that was made specifically for curly, coily and wavy hair types. It has a larger diffuser to help enhance natural curls and boost volume. It also uses an ionic technology to control frizz and leave you with a smooth finish.

This 2100W diffuser dryer gives you the ability to use a higher speed and heat for initial drying and lower speed and heat for styling and curl formation. It has two speed settings and three heat settings plus a cool shot button.

The larger diffuser and low heat settings help to spread the air evenly and prevent heat damage during the drying process. If you have curly, frizzy hair this is the best hair diffuser to leave your curls defined and smooth.

BaByliss Curl Dry Hair Dryer, Black/Rose Gold
  • 2100W for fast drying
  • Enhance natural curls and volume
  • Ionic frizz-control
  • 3 heat/ 2 speed settings plus cool shot
  • Large diffuser

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BaByliss Platinum Diamond 2300 Diffuser Hair Dryer

Best Diffuser Hair Dryer for Curly Hair

The BaByliss Platinum Diamond Diffuser Hair Dryer is slightly more expensive than the BaByliss Curl Dry Hair Dryer. It’s more powerful with 2300W and has a salon grade AC motor for ultra fast drying. It also uses diamond infused ceramic technology to smooth frizz and leave a lustrous shine.

This diffuser dryer has three heat settings, two speed settings and a cool shot button. The higher heat and speed settings reduce drying time, and the lower heat and speed allows you to style and scrunch before the hair is completely dry.

This is the perfect diffuser dryer for achieving less frizz in thick hair, and creating beautiful bouncy curls. For tighter curls, apply your hair products before the hair is completely dry and use the diffuser on a low heat setting. The powerful airflow and negative ion technology leaves you with shiny hair and frizz-free curls.

BaByliss Platinum Diamond 2300 Diffuser Hair Dryer
  • 2300W for super-fast, powerful drying
  • Diamond infused ceramic technology for ultra-smooth results
  • Super ionic frizz-control for lustrous shine
  • 3 heat/ 2 speed settings plus cold shot
  • Large diffuser for enhancing natural curls and volume

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Red Hot 37010 Ultra 2200W Diffuser Dryer

This diffuser dryer has three different heat settings, a cool shot and two speeds. It has a 1.6 metre cable and also comes with a targeted nozzle should you wish to remove the diffuser. It’s great for enhancing curls and reducing frizz in all curly hair types!

This is a great choice since it has a long power cord for flexibility, as well as a hanging loop and soft anti slip handle. It also has a removable filter so it’s easy to clean. This dryer also comes with a concentrator nozzle as well as a diffuser attachment, so can be used for styling curly, straight, thin and thick hair.

Red Hot 37010 2200W Professional Hair Dryer With Diffuser & Concentrator Nozzles / Dual Styling...
  • SALON QUALITY HAIR DRYER – This striking red coloured professional style hair dryer will deliver...
  • DUAL STYLING OPTIONS – The hair dryer features a diffuser nozzle which is perfect for providing...
  • PROFESSIONAL STYLING – The professional hair dryer will allow you to style your hair in a...
  • CONVENIENT & SAFE – This portable hair dryer features a 1.6-metre power cable that allows you to...
  • RET HOT - Red Hot Professional is the go-to brand for all your hairstyling needs. Visit the Red Hot...

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Remington Ionic Conditioning Hair Dryer

Best Diffuser Hair Dryer for Curly Hair

The Remington D3198 Ionic Dry Hair Dryer comes with a large diffuser attachment to help you achieve silky, smooth curls. It uses ionic conditioning to reduce drying time and leave hair smoother. The negative ions work to improve the natural texture of the hair and leave you with voluminous curls.

This diffuser dryer has three heat settings and two speed settings, as well as a cool shot to dry wet hair quickly. It helps to reduce static electricity in the hair and leave you with defined thick curls. This dryer is often used by professional hairstylists since it’s a powerful tool that can be used on different hair types.

Remington D3198 Ionic Conditioning Hair Dryer for Frizz Free Styling with Diffuser and Concentrator...
  • Ease of use & practicality - Delivering a high quality blow dry, to help you achieve that silky,...
  • Ionic conditioning - helping to reduce your drying time. The integrated ionic conditioning will also...
  • Cool shot - After tending to your tresses release a blast of cool air to set your style by using the...
  • Heat and speed settings - you can choose from three heat settings and two speed settings depending...
  • Two year manufacturers - plus one extra year when you register the product online

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Dyson Supersonic Hair dryer

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer comes with a hair diffuser attachment for curly hair! This is a professional hair dryer and the best you can get for creating smooth, silky curls. It has three speed settings and four heat settings and is acoustically tuned to make less noise that regular dryers.

The dryer has an ergonomic design, is light weight and easy to use. Since the dryer is in the handle, you are less likely to get an arm ache if you are holding it for a long time. It comes with magnetic attachments so you can alter the nozzle quickly and easily if you want to. The attachments it includes are: a smoothing nozzle, styling concentrator, and diffuser.

The Dyson dryer delivers a gentle airflow to sculpt the hair and help you get rid of bed head curls! The concentrator nozzle also allows you to shape your hair one section at a time.

DYSON Supersonic Haartrockner - Schwarz
  • New Edition Dyson Supersonic. Power: 1600 W, 3 speed settings, Intelligent heat control
  • Powerful digital motor in handle, Magnetic attachments
  • Helps you maintain shinier, healthier hair, Fast drying with Air Multiplier technology and a digital...
  • Comes with smoothing nozzle, styling concentrator, diffuser, non-slip mat and storage hanger
  • 3 precise speed settings & 4 precise heat settings, 41 litre per second airflow

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Pro Infrared Hair Dryer

Best Diffuser Hair Dryer for Curly Hair

The Pro Infrared Hair Dryer uses Infrared Heat Technology which helps to preserve the moisture of the hair and scalp. It produces negative ions to reduce frizz and speed up drying time. This dryer has two speed settings, three heat settings and a cool shot. It also has a long 2.65m cord and a hanging loop.

The curly diffuser is engineered to disperse air evenly around each ringlet. It reduces frizz and improves curl definition. This dryer also comes with a blow dryer attachment for straight hair.

Pro Infrared Hair Dryer 1800 Watt Powerful Fast Drying Negetive Ion Blow Dryer Strong Air Flow 2...
  • Infrared Heat Technology - it provides a healthy heat that allows to preserve the moisture of the...
  • Negative Ions - the technology helps reduce hair frizzy and ceramic-coated grill produces infrared...
  • Super Powerful 1800 watt DC motor - this pro hair dryer offer you powerful air flow, help fast...
  • Variable 2 Speed and 3 Settings and Cool Shot - household speed and setting choice and make your all...
  • Long Cord 2.65M and Hanging Loop - 2.65M cord made of heat-proof plus a professional hook makes use...

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UUCOLOR Universal Hair Diffuser

This diffuser attachment helps to enhance curls and improve hair texture. It allows you to blow dry your hair at home and get the same results as in a professional salon. The shape of the nozzle is designed to leave you with bouncy, shiny curls.

This diffuser will fit 99% of hairdryers available on the market. It has an outlet diameter between 3.5 cm and 6.8 cm. It’s extremely easy to use and has a honeycomb outlet to ensure even distribution of the air flow.

This is a good option if you already have a hairdryer you like and just want to buy the attachment. It works well on both thin and thick curly hair and helps to reduce frizz and define curls.

UUCOLOR Universal Hair Diffuser Suitable for 1.4 in to 2.6 in Adjustable Hair Dryer Diffuser Nozzle...
  • ⭐Universal Hair Diffuser: The hair dryer diffuser is a universal diffuser that fits hairdryers...
  • ⭐Create Perfect Hairstyle: All types of hair are great for diffusing, especially curly hair. The...
  • ⭐Excellent Design and Hair Protection: the blower diffuser use honeycomb outlet to ensure...
  • ⭐Quality Material and Easy to Use: The hair diffuser is made from high quality environmentally...
  • ⭐Ideal Gift and Lifetime Warranty: The universal hair diffuser is a great gift for friends,...

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Hairizone Universal Diffuser for Hair Dryers

Best Diffuser Hair Dryer for Curly Hair

This is another universal diffuser attachment that you can fix onto the end of your current hair dryer. It helps to improve your natural texture, and encourages curl formation with excellent results. Any harsh heat is dispersed evenly across the hair to minimise damage.

This curly hair diffuser attachment is 6 inches wide. The large bowl contains massage prongs to hold more hair, and two hundred and eleven air holes to distribute the heat more evenly. The Hairizone Universal Hair Diffuser comes in six different colours including blue, pink and white. It works well on thin hair or fine hair.

Hairizone Universal Diffuser for Hair Dryers with Nozzle D=1.7"-2.6" for Curly or Wavy Hair Styling,...
  • PERFECT CURLS WITHOUT FRIZZ: Maintain your natural texture with our volumizing diffuser that...
  • PATENTED DESIGN: New patented product with lockable buttons. Streamline design, luxury shiny black...
  • REAL UNIVERSAL: Suitable for hair dryers with nozzle diameter: 1.7 inches - 2.6 inches. Light weight...
  • MAXUMUM VOLUME: Over 200 air apertures, distributes air evenly to maintain curl or waves without...
  • HIGH HEAT RESISTANCE AND ENHANCED SAFETY: Made from high quality PC material. Good resistance to...

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DevaCurl Devafuser

The DevaCurl Devafuser is a diffuser in the shape of a hand! The innovative design provides 360-degree airflow which surrounds the curls and gets to the roots. This helps to speed up drying time and add volume.

This option is different from traditional diffusers as it’s in a hand shape which allows you to scrunch your curls without using your hands! It cradles the hair and is designed to fit most commercial hair dryers.

DevaCurl Devafuser; Universal Hair Diffuser Earplug, 5 cm, Black
  •  Gives Strong Curl Control And Enhance Definition 
  • StrongHold Styler Surrounds Your 
  • Made With Wheat And Soy Proteins

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How to Use a Diffuser on Curly Hair

Apply your products to soaking wet hair after washing.

Scrunch in your favourite curl-enhancing gel or cream. This will give you extra lift at the roots and help to prevent you from losing too much volume as your hair dries. If you wish, seal the product into your hair with a little bit of oil or shine spray.

Air Dry the Hair Until it’s Damp

If you have time, allow you hair to air dry until it’s damp before using the diffuser. This will help to reduce the likelihood of your hair becoming damaged by the heat.

Apply a heat protectant to your hair before you start using the diffuser. Even if you don’t use the high heat settings, it’s advisable to still use heat protection even for a medium heat setting.

If you are in a rush you can partially dry your hair with a high heat setting before switching to lower heat for final styling.

Set the Diffuser to a Medium to Cool Setting

When you use your diffuser dryer, don’t move it around the way you would with a regular hair dryer. If you do this it may disrupt curl formation.

Start by putting the diffuser under your ends and lifting it towards your roots. You may need to tilt your head. Hold the diffuser for at least 30 seconds before lowering it and repeating on the next section of hair.

If you want to create more volume in your hair then use the diffuser with your head upside down. It will help to dry curls whilst adding fullness to the hair.

Finish Off With A Styling Cream

When you’ve finished using the diffuser on your hair, scrunch in some curl cream to define your curls and add extra moisture.

Finish with a quick blast of cool air. This will set the style in place, hold that bounce and prevent frizz.

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