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15 Amazing Wide Tooth Combs for 2023

A wide tooth comb is better than a hair brush as it won’t pull or break your hair. It is designed to detangle the hair quickly and remove knots without snagging, ripping or pulling. This post helps to you find which wide tooth comb is the right one for you!

wide tooth comb

A wide tooth comb is a comb with large spacing between the teeth.  They are excellent for detangling long or short hair as well as sectioning hair for styling.  

The wide teeth in the comb mimic finger combing, and enable you to smooth your hair gently without pulling or damaging any strands. 

When it comes to brushing your hair it is really important that you pick the right comb or brush.  The wrong comb can result in hair loss, split ends or damaged hair.  

I hope this post helps you to find a wide tooth comb for your hair type!

15 Amazing Wide Tooth Combs

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Why are Wide Tooth Combs good for your hair?

1. They reduce the likelihood of split ends

Wide tooth combs and detanglers are much more gentle on your hair than brushes.  If your hair is prone to breakage or frayed ends, using wide tooth comb to smooth out knots is less likely to cause split ends than a brush.

2. They prevent hair from breaking

It is far easier to detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb due to the large spaces between the teeth.  This means you are less likely to pull on your hair and break it.  There is also less friction compared with a brush or a fine tooth comb which makes it more gentle on your hair.

3. It is far easier to detangle knots

Compared with brushes, combs with wide teeth are friction free and easier to glide through the hair.  Many also have small balls on the ends that help to detangle hair.

4. They are more gentle on the scalp

Many people notice their hair falls out more when they brush it.  Combs with wide teeth help to exfoliate the scalp and stimulate blood circulation while minimising hair loss.

How to Brush Your Hair with a Wide Tooth Comb

One mistake people often make is always brushing from root to tip.  While it is important to massage the scalp, most of the brushing should be on the ends of the hair.  

Brush the end at the tips first and then work your way up.  This will avoid any knitting at the ends of the hair which could lead to hair breakage.

wide toothed comb
Always comb the ends of your hair first

Can you use a comb on wet hair?

Every hair type swells up by as much as 20-30% when it’s wet. This means it can easily stretch and then snap like a rubber band! For this reason it’s better to wait until your hair is dry before combing it. Dry hair is less likely to become damaged or break.

If you need to separate your hair while it’s wet, or use a comb to distribute a product through your hair, ensure you move the comb very gently. Wide tooth combs are better than fine-tooth combs since they are less likely to stretch and snag wet hair.

Why is a wide tooth comb good for curly hair?

Combs with wide teeth are perfect for curly hair.  This is because they are able to smooth out knots without upsetting your hair’s natural curl.  

Using a regular hair brush on curly hair can end up causing it to look frizzy.  The wide tooth comb however leaves the hair smoothed from tangles but still curly!  Women with tight curls would especially benefit from one of these combs.

Which is the Best Wide Tooth Comb for me?

15 Recommended Wide Tooth Combs

1. The Body Shop Detangling Hair Comb

Available at: The Body Shop | Amazon | Shopee | Ubuy

Body Shop Detangling Hair Comb

The Body Shop’s wide tooth comb is made from birch wood.  There are many benefits to using a wooden comb over a plastic one.  

For starters a wooden comb will not cause static the way a plastic one does, meaning your hair is less likely to become frizzy.  

At the same time a wooden comb is far better at distributing the natural oils present on your scalp across your hair. This even distribution of oils means that your scalp is less likely to look greasy and your hair will be better protected.

A wooden comb is also better able to slide through your hair than a plastic one.  This means less friction on your hair and less breakage and damage.

The Body Shop’s birch wood comb is gentle on your scalp, helping to prevent dandruff.  It also removes foreign particles and dirt from your hair.  This is because unlike metal or plastic which can attract particles of dirt due to having a charge, wooden combs clear these particles from your hair and scalp.

The Body Shop Detangling Hair Comb FOR ALL HAIR TYPES - Made From Birch Wood
  • Wide tooth hair comb
  • Detangles
  • Size 13cm x 5cm
  • For use on wet and dry hair
  • Ideal for all hair types

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2. Anself Wooden Comb

Available at: Amazon | Walmart

Anself Wooden Comb

This is another wooden comb which has an anti-static design.  It keeps your hair smooth and free from static damage and hair breakage.  

Being made from wood, it has all the same benefits as The Body Shop’s comb.  You will have less frizz, it stimulates the scalp, and it distributes oils evenly throughout the hair.  It also won’t hurt your scalp or cause excess hair loss.

Unlike the Body Shop’s wooden comb however, the Anself design has a handle which is designed to fit your hand.  I find the grip of this comb better than the Body Shop’s design.

The comb has the light scent of sandalwood.  Sandalwood is also a good option for people who have allergies.  Plastic or metal combs sometimes irritate the skin especially if you have a sensitive scalp.  Sandalwood is less likely to cause any kind of allergic reaction compared to plastic combs.

This comb has rounded teeth which can be used to massage the scalp.

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3. Wide Tooth Comb Infused With Argan Oil

Available at: Amazon | OnBuy | Walmart


This is a very interesting comb.  It is made with specially formulated resin infused with Argan Oil.  The comb slowly releases the Argan Oil onto your scalp as you brush.  

Argan Oil helps to repair damaged hair as well as eliminate frizz and restore shine.   The Argan Oil in this comb makes it very gentle on the scalp, reducing the likelihood of hair falling out.  It also produces less static meaning less frizz.

The round, seamless teeth of the comb makes it easy to detangle the hair.  This comb is recommended for all hair types including wigs.

Wide Tooth Hair Comb Brown Argan Oil Infused With Comfortable Handgrip Handle Detangler for Thick &...
  • WIDE-TOOTH DESIGN :- Strategically spaced wide teeth gently and effectively de-tangle thick, curly,...
  • ARGAN OIL INFUSION :- Elevate your combing experience with the nourishing benefits of Argan Oil....
  • COMFORTABLE HANDGRIP HANDLE :- The ergonomic design of the handle ensures a comfortable grip,...
  • VERSATILE STYLING :- This comb is not limited to dry hair; it glides through wet hair with ease,...
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION :- Crafted from high-quality materials, this comb is built to withstand daily...

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4. Jack Dean Pompadour Streaker Comb

Available at: Amazon

Jack Dean Pompadour Streaker Comb

This comb comes in four different colours.  It is made from Carbon Fibre which is anti-static, heat and chemical resistant, and far more durable than plastic combs.  

The round teeth make it gentle on the scalp and safeguard the hair from being broken and pulled.  Many professional grade combs are made from Carbon Fibre.

This is an extremely affordable and high quality comb with eight widely spaced teeth.  This would be an ideal comb for distributing wet products such as leave in conditioners through the hair.

Jack Dean Pompadour Streaker Comb - 4 Colours - Black, Clear, Red or White (Black)
  • High quality comb with 8 widely-spaced teeth.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Easy to hold.
  • Superb for distributing wet products through the hair.

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5. Head Gear Wide Toothed Afro Comb

Available at Amazon | Walmart

Head Gear Carbon Wide Tooth Afro Comb - HG31

This comb is made from Carbon Fibre making it extremely durable, static free and heat resistant up to 230ºc (perfect for using with a hairdryer or straightener).

The Head Gear Afro Comb is perfect for thick, frizzy or Afro Caribbean hair as the wide teeth will be able to effortlessly move through the hair.  Since it is static free it will help to prevent frizzy, fly-away hair during styling.

This comb is perfect for all styling requirements, including weaving, sectioning, detangling, and highlighting.


Available at: Amazon | Onbuy | Ubuy

This plastic comb is drag free and perfect for everyday use.  The wide teeth will detangle your hair without breaking strands or hurting the scalp.  It is gentle on your skin and will improve blood circulation, reduce hair loss and help prevent dandruff.

This comb is good for women with wavy or frizz-prone hair which is sensitive to humidity.  It will leave your hair looking smooth and sleek with its flat, rounded teeth.

xnicx Wide Tooth Comb Afro Comb Detangling Hair Brush Wide Comb Detangler Comb Paddle Hair Comb Care...
  • Made for durability, this plastic hair comb is the perfect tool for everyday use. There's a comb for...
  • Round Handle Comb is designed to provide precise trimming and smooth, drag-free combing and offers...
  • Use effects: Protect for your mane from the damage caused by detangling and styling with this wide...
  • How to use: Great for damage doers & strength seekers alike. For women with wavy, frizz-prone hair...
  • What else you need to know:Material: Plastic. Size: (cm)24.5×6.5×0.8 Net Weight(g):50 Color:Black

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7. SALONSOLUTIONS Round-Handle Wide-Tooth Detangling Comb

Available at: Amazon | Walmart

The Salonsolutions comb is excellent if you have long hair. The thicker teeth have been designed to help smooth long hair and are great for adding volume to the hair when blow drying.

This comb can be used on both wet and dry hair. It is one of the best combs for creating volume and bounce in long, thick hair. It will tame frizz and smooth the hair without breaking the hair or damaging the scalp.

SALONSOLUTIONS Round-Handle Wide-Tooth Detangling Comb Huge Size (1PC, Black)
  • Wide-Tooth Comb: The wide, rounded teeth are designed to detangle without breaking your hair or...
  • Round Handle: The round handle is easy and comfortable to grip as you style your hair.
  • Paddle-Comb: The paddle comb design is great for detangling and styling alike. Use this comb to...
  • Durable: This comb is made from durable, thick plastic, so it will withstand daily use with no...
  • Uses: This comb is a must for long hair. The wide teeth are designed to smooth long, thick hair, wet...

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8. Onedor Handmade Sandalwood Natural Hair Detangler Wooden Comb

Available at: Amazon | Walmart

This beautiful handmade wooden comb is the perfect comb for thick, curly hair. It is made from 100% natural green sandalwood which, unlike a hard plastic comb, will not snag your hair.

This comb has a lovely sandalwood scent. It helps to relieve tension and stimulate the scalp as well as prevent split ends and knots.

This is the best option for natural hair that’s very thick and has tight curls.

Onedor Handcrafted Green Sandalwood Wooden Comb - 100% Natural, Anti-Static, and Scented Hair...
  • Natural Material: Made from high-quality, 100% natural green sandalwood, our hair comb is...
  • Handcrafted Quality: Our comb is crafted with traditional techniques, resulting in a polished,...
  • Anti-Static & Tangle-Free: Unlike plastic combs, our green sandalwood comb is anti-static and helps...
  • Lightweight & Portable: Measuring 8.07 inches in length, with a 3-inch handle and a 2.12-inch width,...
  • Relaxing & Stimulating: Our comb not only helps with hair care, but can also help relieve tension...

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9. TimeTinkle 9-Row Curly Hair Brush with Wide-Tooth Comb

Available at: Amazon | Ubuy

This wide tooth comb comes with a curly hair brush which is the perfect tool to create shapely curls with no frizz. The wide tooth comb helps to clumps your curls together and and the brush helps to add definition.

The brush is made from soft nylon bristles which are gentle on the scalp, and smooths the hair easily without pulling or tugging. If you are looking for a brush and wide tooth comb set, this is the perfect choice for thick curly hair.

Use the wide tooth comb first to reduce knots and then use the 9 row brush to styling your hair with a good hair dryer.

10. Louise Maelys Sandalwood Wide Tooth Comb Wooden

Available at: Amazon | Ubuy

This is another wide tooth comb made entirely from high quality natural green sandalwood. It has a wavy wooden handle which allows for a comfortable hand-grip. This type of comb prevents delicate strands of hair becoming fly away or breaking.

Natural sandalwood has calming scent which helps to sooth stress. It also helps to distribute oils from the root through to the ends of your hair as well as massage the scalp, and improve blood circulation.

Louise Maelys Wide Tooth Hair Comb Green Sandalwood Anti-Static Detangling Wood Comb with Buffalo...
  • The wide tooth wooden comb is about 7.2 * 1.9 inch / 18.5 * 5 cm. This wide wooden tooth comb will...
  • Made of high quality natural green sandalwood comb. So it has a special wood scent, some people may...
  • Anti static! There are always a few hair stand up when use average comb during dry and windy...
  • As it is made from Green Sandalwood, the color of the hair comb will change to greenish as time...
  • Massage your head by combing from the front hairline to the back often using the natural sandalwood...

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11. FunLavie Wide Tooth Comb

Available at: Amazon

This is an extra wide tooth comb with thick round teeth to ensure no sharp edges. The wider space between the teeth make this kind of comb perfect for combing beards!

The FunLavie comb is very durable and made from sandalwood. It is anti-static and helps to improve blood circulation and relaxation.

Hair Comb Wide Tooth Comb Perfect For Curls Natural Green Sandal Wood Comb Portable Pocket Comb by...
  • COMB Material: natural sandal wood; Total length: 11cm; Handle length: 6cm; Spacing between each...
  • NATURAL SANDAL WOOD of this wide tooth comb: durable texture and lasting natural fragrance....
  • ATTENTION: Keep away from fire. Avoid throwing, bending and high temperature. Don't exposure it to...
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY & 30 DAYS MONEYBACK - We really appreciate your business and value your buying...

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12. Detangling Brush and Wide Tooth Comb Set

Available at: Amazon

This waterproof wide-tooth comb comes in a set with a detangling paddle brush. Paddle brushes, like wide tooth combs, are perfect for detangling and smoothing out the hair.

This brush and comb set works for all hair types including curly, fine, thick or straight hair. It can be used on both wet or dry hair. When used over a long time period this set helps to improve the hair’s natural texture.

This tool collection is ideal for women or young girls and comes in three different colours.

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13. Black Buffalo Horn Splicing Comb

Available at: Amazon

This anti-static comb is made from both sandalwood and buffalo horn. Buffalo horn is a great tool to stimulate the scalp and relieve tension with a head massage. It is also much more gentle on the hair than metal or plastic.

This would be the perfect addition to your beauty routine if you are looking for a comb to help relieve an itchy scalp, prevent hair loss or relieve head tension.

The black buffalo horn is handcrafted in China and comes in a beautiful box.

Wood Crafts Green Sandalwood and Black Buffalo Horn Splicing Comb, Help to Relieve Itchy Scalp,...
  • Wood Crafts Green Sandalwood and Black Buffalo Horn Splicing Comb, Help To Relieve Itchy Scalp,...
  • Exquisite Combs made with Black Buffalo Horns and Green Sandalwood and Crafted with Chinese...
  • NATURAL: The wooden comb is handmade with 100% natural fragrant green sandalwood.
  • EASY TO DETANGLE: No static, no snags, less frizz, easy to detangle all hair and beard types....
  • Natural Scent of Sandalwood,Helpful to Relieve Head Blood Pressure and Relieve Tension.

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14. Denman D25 Fantail Comb

Available at: Amazon

If you have curly hair or thick hair, a Denman brush or comb is ideal for styling and untangling. This Denman comb has a double-pronged fantail section to help tease and style thick hair. The comb’s teeth are smooth and round-ended teeth to protect the scalp and hair.

Denman combs are used by professional hairdressers and are affordable and easy to use at home. They are also very light weight and make the perfect pocket comb.

Denman D25 Fantail Comb
  • Wide teeth gently penetrate hair
  • Double-pronged fantail section, teases and styles
  • Smooth, round-ended teeth are kind to scalp and hair
  • Made from high impact material
  • 220mm in length

Last update on 2024-03-08 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

15. 2PCS Wide Tooth Comb with Steel Needle Pointed Teeth

Available at: Amazon

This is an essential comb for anyone with a sensitive scalp. The teeth of the comb are made from steel and are round and smooth. It is extremely gentle on the skin and won’t cause irritation.

This comb is recommended for men to help with styling and to improve the hair’s natural texture.

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This post was all about finding a wide tooth comb!

Thank you for reading my post about wide tooth combs. I hope it helped you to find the perfect hair tool for your hair style whether you have longer hair, wavy hair, coarse hair or curly hair!