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Best Curling Iron for Long Hair in 2023

Are you looking for the best curling iron for long hair? If you have long or thick hair it’s important to choose the right size wand and barrel for your hair. This post contains only curling irons which have a larger barrel size, or longer wand which are ideal for longer hair types. There is also a range of different options depending on whether you want to create loose or tight curls.

Best Curling Iron for Long Hair

All of the curling wands in this post have been reviewed by women with long hair. There is a variety of options to help create any type of curl. As with any hot tool always use a good heat protectant to prevent damage to the hair.

If you don’t have a heat protection spray, I recommend the Revlon Uniq One spray which i’ve reviewed here.

This post is all about the best curling iron for long hair

Best Curling Iron for Long Hair

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Best Curling Iron for Long Hair

This chopstick styler is designed for extra long hair that is 22 inches or longer. It works on any hair type with temperature settings that range between 120°C to 210°C. High temperatures are best for thick or coarse hair types, whereas low temperatures are recommended for thin or fine hair.

This is the best curling wand if you are looking to create tight curls in long hair.  The ceramic coating on the barrel leaves the hair smooth, shiny and frizz free. It is the perfect choice if you prefer hairstyles with tighter curls.

CHOPSTICK STYLER Long Curling Wand Iron,...
  • ✨ Get super tight, confident Chopstick curls for extra-long hair ( 22+ inches )
  • 📏 7mm x 10mm x 197mm ( L ) non-slip rectangular barrel helps you create a natural, voluminous...
  • 💁🏼‍♀️ Our ceramic barrel helps to smooth your hair, add serious shine and reduce frizz...

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FancyWhoop Curling Iron

Best Curling Iron for Long Hair

The FancyWhoop Curling Iron contains three barrels and is good for creating beachy waves in long hair. The adjustable heat settings range between 180°C (for fine hair) and 200°C (for coarse hair).

This is the best choice if you have long hair and want to create loose curls. The large barrels are ideal for a longer hair length. The iron also uses tourmaline ceramic technology so produces negative ions as it heats up. This reduces heat damage to the hair and helps to improve hair texture.

Curling Iron 22mm Beach Wave Wand Ceramic Hair...
  • Safe and harmless: Using tourmaline ceramic technology, heating will generate a lot of negative...
  • Efficient and Time-saving: 30 seconds fast heating setting, can effectively save your time,...
  • Double Protection: with anti-slip handle and anti-scalding top cover, insulated front bracket...

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UKLISS Hair Curling Tong with Large Barrel

Best Curling Iron for Long Hair

The UKLISS Hair Curling Tong has a large barrel which is ideal for creating bouncy curls in long hair. The ceramic barrel is 25mm and can reach temperatures between 120℃ to 200℃. It works well on all hair types to create perfect spiral curls or waves in longer hair.

This iron has a digital display to easily see the temperature and has an auto-shutoff feature after 60 minutes. It is the best hair curler for creating voluminous curls in long hair.

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CkeyiN 5 in 1 Curling Wand Iron Set

Best Curling Iron for Long Hair

This Curling Wand Iron Set comes with different barrels that range between 9mm-32mm to create different looks. It can also reach a wide range of temperatures from a lower temperature of 80°C all the way up to a high heat of 230°C.

The five barrels sizes allow you to style your hair into beautiful curls of different sizes. It has an LCD display which shows the temperature and allows you to adjust it by pressing the +/- keys. This hair tool helps you to easily create both loose waves and tight curls.

Curling Tongs CkeyiN 32mm Curling Wand Iron Set...
  • 💎5-in-1 Curling Wand Set: CkeyiN Curling Wand Set will unlock new levels of beauty as it is...
  • 💎Premium Ceramic Barrels: Tourmaline ceramic heating barrels ensure uniform heating, which can...
  • 💎Large LCD Screen: LCD digital temperature display, easily check the current...

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ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand

The ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand heats up to 185 ºC which is the optimum styling temperature for creating shiny curls whilst minimising hair damage. It has a 28 mm round ceramic barrel with a thin oval 23 mm tip and is designed to create a wide range of curls and waves.

This ceramic iron is suitable for all hair lengths including long hair. It has a swivel cord for ease of use, a protective cool tip, and comes with a heat-resistant glove. The universal voltage makes it a good travel curling iron for women with long hair.

ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand - Unique 28 mm – 23...
  • Professional curling wand with tapered barrel for creating big, bouncy hair and natural looking...
  • Healthier styling: 185 ºC optimum styling temperature minimises hair damage to create shiny,...
  • Distinct ultra-zoneTM technology: Recognises each section of hair and adapts to maintain the optimum...

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Cordless Automatic Hair Curler

The Cordless Automatic Hair Curler allows you to curl your hair anywhere. This hair tool works well on very long hair as it has a wide opening at the top to allow more hair onto the curling chamber. It has simple temperature control with HD LCD screen display so you can see the current temperature.

The curler has six different timers. If you have thick hair make sure you use the longer timer for the best results. This curling wand creates curly hair just as well as a professional curling iron but for a fraction of the cost. It’s also great if you are travelling.

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Mainbon Curling Iron

The Mainbon Curling Iron has an extra-long barrel so it’s perfect for creating loose beach waves in long hair. It has a diameter of 25mm and a triple ceramic coating designed to eliminate static and reduce frizz.

This iron has a LED display and safety tip to prevent scalding. It has four levels of heat for different hair types: 140°C for soft and thin hair, 160°C for normal hair, 180°C for rough hair, and 200°C for very coarse hair. The iron comes with instructions on how to curl each section of hair.

Mainbon Curling Iron,Hair Waver Curling for Long...
  • 🍃 Medium or long Hair Curling Wand:Our Curling iron Diameter of heat conductor 25mm,it is perfect...
  • 🍃 10s Fast Heating:Only 10-30 seconds for fast curling,the curling iron with Dual PTC heater...
  • 🍃 Four Level Control:140°C/160°C/180°C/200°C four-level adjustment heat control for different...

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ELLESYE Curling Wand

The ELLESYE Curling Wand is 25-32mm and heats up to a constant temperature of 200℃. It is good for curling long hair and comes with a clip and heat resistant glove. The universal dual voltage also makes this curling iron great for travel.

The cord length is 2.5 metre and the end of the cord swivels for ease of use. The ceramic barrel seals the hair cuticles, and helps to eliminate frizz and flyaway strands.

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RAMSWIN Auto Hair Curler for Long Hair

This is an auto rotating curling iron to help save time. It rotates in both directions and has temperature settings between 150°C to 230°C. The ceramic barrel is 32mm designed to create a wide range of curls and waves in long hair.

This is the right curling iron if you are a beginner. You don’t have to wrap the hair round the wand yourself as the curling iron has does this for you! There is a button on the iron to curl the hair and another button to unravel the hair from the iron. The highest temperature it reaches is 230°C which is ideal if your hair is both long and thick.

RAMSWIN Auto Hair Curler for Long Hair, Automatic...
  • 【Automatic Hair Curler】Unique 2-way (left and right) auto rotating curling iron. Innovative...
  • 【Nano Titanium ultra-fast and steady heat up】 With Nano Titanium technology, the ceramic coated...
  • 【150°C to 230°C Variable temperature】5 digital heat temperature settings offer enhanced heat...

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Remington Advanced Coconut Therapy Hair Curling Wand

The Remington Advanced Coconut Therapy Hair Curling Wand contains micro-conditioners in the barrel which are infused with coconut and UV filters. This has the effect of leaving the hair smooth, silky and shiny. The 25-38mm barrel has an anti-slip coating and can reach temperatures of up to 210°C to suit different types of hair.

The curling iron also has an integrated heat sensor which senses contact with your hair and continuously regulates the temperature to prevent the hair getting burnt. The LED indicator lets you know when the heat sensor is on and it can easily be switched off with a button on the iron.

Remington Advanced Coconut Therapy Hair Curling...
  • Take Care of Your Hair Whilst You Style - The Advanced Ceramic Coated 25-38 mm Barrel includes...
  • Personalised Styling Results - Tailor the temperature to your hair type with five Digital...
  • 25-38 mm Barrel with Anti-Slip Coating - Love your hair styled in soft curls? or is a...

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How to Use a Curling Iron on Long Hair

Achieving the perfect curls can take a bit of practice. You need to make sure you are using the right technique and correct temperature for your hair. If you’re a beginner it may take a few attempts before you get it right. This step by step guide will show you exactly what to do.

1. Divide the Hair Into Sections

Some curling irons come with slips to help separate the hair. The size of each section will depend on what kind of curls you want to create. If you want tight curls you should separate the hair into many small sections, but for larger curls or waves you should separate the hair into larger pieces.

2. Hold the Curling Iron Vertically and Start Wrapping the Hair Round it

Start from the top and wrap the hair around the barrel of the curling iron. The temperature of the iron will depend on your hair type but as a general rule thin hair should use lower temperatures and thick, coarse hair should use higher heat.

Once you have wrapped the hair around the barrel hold it in place for 10 seconds before unravelling it. Make sure not to pull the iron out, but hold onto the hair and unwrap it. It should fall into a curl shape.

3. Separately the Curls with a Wide Tooth Comb

Once you have finished curling each section of the hair you should brush the hair out with a wide tooth comb. This will help to separate the curls and make them look more natural without loosing their shape.



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This post was all about the best curling iron for long hair

Thanks for reading my post about the best curling iron for long hair. If you have tried any of the products I have recommended then please leave me a comment below and let me know how you got on.