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Want to find the best hair crimpers in the UK in 2021? Check out these tried and tests crimpers for your hair!

The crimped hair trend started in the 1980s but became even more popular in the 90s! Women used to leave their hair in plaits overnight so when they took their hair out in the morning it was left with kinks.

The faster way of getting crimped hair however was with an iron! The first ever crimping iron was invented in the 1970s because of Barbara Streisand. Her stylist had the idea for the crimping iron while working on Streisand’s photoshoot for Vogue. The hair tool then became a global trend in the mid 1980s.

Now in 2020 it seems the crimped hair trend is making a come back! London fashion week last year was flooded with models with big kinky hair, and the number of crimpers being sold online has steadily increased. I’ve done some research and found the best hair crimpers available in the UK!

This post is all about the best hair crimpers in the UK!

Best Hair Crimpers in the UK

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Below are five popular hair crimpers in the UK. All of them are available on Amazon and currently have five star ratings.

1. BaByliss The Crimper

The BaByliss hair crimper has professional grade 1.5 inch tourmaline-ceramic plates. The ceramic plates give the hair a smooth and shiny finish. These crimpers are ideal for any hair type as they have four different heat settings. If you have thinner hair you should use a lower heat setting. The heat settings vary from 140 degrees to 210 degrees and allow you to experiment with creating different hairstyles.

2. Toni & Guy Style Fix Waver

The Toni and Guy crimper is perfect for travelling! It is extremely compact and has world wide voltage. It would even fit neatly into a handbag. Like all professional crimpers this one also has ceramic tourmaline plates. It is designed to protect your hair and colour. It enhances shine and smooths hair follicles.

This hair crimper would be ideal if you have thick hair. If you have thicker hair you will need to use a higher heat to crimp your hair. The Toni and Guy crimper maintains a constant heat of 210°C.

3. DSHOW 4 in 1 Hair Crimper

best hair crimpers uk

This hair crimper has four interchangeable ceramic plates for different size kinks. Each set of plates creates a different hairstyle. There are five temperature settings for different hair types and ceramic coating on the plates to protect the hair.

4. Crimper Curling Iron with LCD Display

best hair crimpers uk

These crimpers have ceramic coating which is designed to balance the heat and protect your hair. They heat up very quickly and will show both Celsius and Fahrenheit on the LCD display. You can use the LCD digital display to easily control the temperature. They leave hair looking shiny with crimps and added hair volume.

5. ghd Contour Professional Crimper

best hair crimpers uk

These are professional crimpers and the best quality available on Amazon. They will leave you with big, bouncy curls. They heat up very quickly to the optimum styling temperature of 185°C. The ghd crimpers use advanced ceramic heat technology to protect the hair. These crimpers also have an automatic sleep mode so they will switch off if you leave them on.

best hair crimpers uk

How to Use Hair Crimpers

Heat Guide for Hair Crimpers

As a general rule if you have thinner hair should use a lower heat setting. The higher heat settings are for thicker hair. The temperatures below are recommended for each hair type.

220° for hard to curl hair or hair that’s very thick in texture

200° for coarse and thick hair

180° for medium hair

160° for thin/fragile hair

140° for damaged/very porous hair

Also make sure you get a good heat protection spray! Check out the best heat protection spray to use with straighteners and crimpers.

How do you Crimp Your Hair Without a Crimper?

If you want to try crimping your hair without a crimper you can leave your hair in small plaits overnight. You may want to choose this option if you are worried about damaging your hair with heat.

  1. Wash and towel dry your hair
  2. Apply mousse. I recommend the Toni & Guy Volume Plumping Mousse
  3. Dry your hair
  4. Take a small section of your hair and spray it with VO5 Creation Voluptuous Waves Hairspray
  5. Tightly plait the section of hair you have just sprayed
  6. Repeat this process until all of your hair is braided
  7. Leave your hair overnight and remove the plaits in the morning.

Other Hair Styling Tools

FAQs on Hair Crimpers

Is crimped hair coming back?

The crimped hair trend is predicted to be coming back into fashion in 2020, as celebrities start posting pictures of their crimped hair on Instagram. Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have all posted pictures of their crimped hair this year

Is crimping bad for your hair?

Whenever you use heat on your hair there is always the risk of causing damage. Make sure you invest in a good heat protectant, or try the technique described in this article to crimp your hair without a crimper!

How do I get rid of crimps in my hair?

It’s best to use a wide tooth comb so you don’t risk pulling or breaking your hair. Check out this selection of wide tooth combs to choose from.

This post was all about the best hair crimpers in the UK!

5 Best Hair Crimpers in the UK - The Crimped Hair Trend is Back!5 Best Hair Crimpers in the UK - The Crimped Hair Trend is Back!5 Best Hair Crimpers in the UK - The Crimped Hair Trend is Back!
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