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The Best Hair Wax for Women’s Hair UK – Look Amazingly Stylish in 2023!

Are you looking for the best hair wax for women’s hair in the UK? Hair wax and hair pomade are usually thought of as male hair styling product, but there are some great waxes made for women!

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Hair pomades and waxes are thick, clay-like hair styling products that hold the hair in a specific hairstyles such as quiffs or pompadours. They are often thought of as products for men, however hair wax and hair paste are becoming increasingly popular among women with short hair.

Check out the top 9 below (number 9 is our favourite!)

This post is all about the best hair wax for women’s hair UK.

Best Hair Wax for Women’s Hair UK

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1. Bed Head by Tigi Manipulator Hair Styling Texture Paste

The Bed Head by Tigi is a hair styling wax with a firm hold. It builds hair texture and definition whilst preventing frizz caused by humidity. This hair pomade is perfect for styling short to medium length hair.

2. Lee Stafford Messed Up Putty

The Lee Stafford Messed Up Putty is a favourite among hair stylists since it is designed for all hair lengths and can be used on both wet and dry hair.

This hair paste gives a textured, tousled effect giving definition with a great fragrance! It gives a different effect depending on whether it’s used on wet or dry hair. On wet hair it gives a more separated, choppy look. On dry hair it defines curls and waves, giving them a more “lived in” look.

3. L’Oreal Stylista The Pixie Cream Short Hair Styling Wax

The Pixie Cream Wax is a hair styling cream-wax that provides flexible hold to short hair for up to 48 hours. It is ideal for short hairstyles which have a fringe, or sweep hairdos and pixie cuts.

To use the hair paste simply work a small amount into dry hair and then scrunch or pinch the hair to create definition.

4. Avlon KeraCare Styling Wax Stick

The Avlon Keracare Styling Wax Stick creates texture in the hair and accentuates hairstyles with spikes. It can also be used to add definition to wavy hair and curls and smooths wispy hair.

The wax supports the union of hair strands during twisting or braiding and can be used to tame fly away hair or frizziness.

5. L’Oreal Studio Line Architect Strong Hair Wax

The L’Oreal Studio Line Hair Wax allows you to create definition that lasts for 24 hours. It adds texture to the hair with a shiny finish.

This Special FX Architect Hair Wax can either be used on wet or dry hair. It controls contours and defines spikes and is ideal for adding structure to, or sculpting short hair.

6. Slika Styling Wax with Argan Oil

The Slika Styling Wax conditions and shapes the hair. It is a non greasy and long lasting formula which is easy to wash out. It has a lovely fresh coconut fragrance.

7. KMS Hair Play Liquid Wax

The KMS Hair Play Liquid Wax is a great alternative to gel. It is a liquid wax which helps to shape the hair without leaving any stickiness or greasy residue.

To use, work the product through damp hair before blow drying. You can apply it again to dry hair if you want a more wax-like finish. It leaves hair shiny and smooth.

8. HUB Shine it up Retro Pomade Wax

The HUB Shine it up Retro Pomade Wax creates medium hold with high shine. It is designed for short to medium length hair, and can be used on thick, thin, fine, straight or curly hair types.


9. Suavecita Pomade for Women 

Our Best Hair Wax for Women’s Hair (UK)

This hair pomade has a water soluble base so it easily washes out, and no harsh ingredients that could damage the hair or scalp. Designed specifically for women’s hair it has a special women’s fragrance!

The wax is not greasy and quickly tames frizz and fly away strands. It is also cruelty free. To use the product spread a thin layer onto fingers and apply to dry hair until the desired texture and shine is achieved. For eliminating frizz apply to towel dried hair.

We included some of the best features from our men’s pomade such as a water-soluble base that washes out with ease, no harsh ingredients that can damage the hair or scalp and limitless styling possibilities. On top of that we made sure this pomade was right for you with a formula specific for women’s hair and a special women’s fragrance. This non-greasy pomade tames frizziness and eliminates fly aways with a quick application. It can style victory rolls and waves painlessly. This product is cruelty free.  

FAQs on the Best Hair Wax for Women’s Hair

How do you use women's hair wax?

Warm the wax in your hands before spreading evenly through your hair. Some waxes can be used on both dry and damp hair and will create different looks.

Is it OK to use hair wax everyday?

Hair can be damaged from too much styling and too many products, so using hair wax everyday is not recommended.

What wax is best for women's hair?

The Suavecita Pomade for Women was designed specifically for women, and is perfumed for women. It is our recommended hair wax for women in the UK.

Does hair wax ruin your hair?

Hair wax will not ruin your hair but if you use it regularly you may find the product builds up on your hair if you don’t wash it out properly.

Hair Ideas for Women with Short Hair

This post was all about the best hair wax for women’s hair UK