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If you are looking for cute iPhone wallpapers you have come to the right place! I’ve been collecting all my favourite cute and girly wallpapers to use on my lock screen, and now there are here all in one place!

How to Save my Cute iPhone Wallpaper

To set one of these cute iphone wallpapers as the background image on your phone follow the below instructions:

  1. Tap and hold the photo and save it to your camera roll
  2. Open your device’s settings app from the home screen
  3. Select “Wallpaper”
  4. Select “Choose a New Wallpaper”
  5. Pick the photo you just saved to your camera roll

The Best Cute iPhone Wallpapers

You can choose any of the pretty iPhone background designs below. They are all free and you can save as many as you like! I will be regularly updating this page when I find more designs so be sure to bookmark this post!

This cute dog is my favourite home screen background! The date and time is clearly visible in the pink background above the dog.

This glittery design is a good wallpaper if you want to make a statement! It’s lovely and bright and would make a great summer iPhone wallpaper.

This simple design could make a cute summer wallpaper. It works well on both the home and lock screen as all the apps can be clearly seen against the background.

If you are looking for cute disney backgrounds this Wall-e wallpaper is a a cute wallpaper for iPhone! Some of the best cute wallpapers I’ve found have Disney images!

Wall-e iPhone Wallpaper

More Disney wallpapers! This sweet wallpaper is hd quality and would also make an adorable desktop wallpaper.

cute Disney iPhone wallpaper

Cute iPhone wallpaper with Animals!

I love alpacas! If you are looking for alpaca iPhone wallpaper I have quite a few on my site! They can also be used as free screensavers for iphone!

cute iPhone wallpaper with an adorable alpaca!

If you’re looking for cute simple wallpapers what could be better than an alpaca! This free iPhone wallpaper is one of my favourites!

cute iPhone wallpaper with an alpaca

I love cute phone backgrounds and this cat is one of my favourite cute iPhone backgrounds!

I love this owl wallpaper! It’s a pretty iPhone wallpaper for all ages!

cute iPhone wallpaper with an owl

If you’re looking for cute wallpapers they don’t come cuter than this! I love cute kitten wallpapers!

cute iPhone wallpaper with a kitten

This is a cute dog iPhone wallpaper and would be great if you are looking for pretty iPhone backgrounds.

If you want popular cute wallpapers for iPhone what could be more cute than a teddy bear! Also this one would be good if you want a green iPhone wallpaper or turquoise wallpaper iPhone.

cute iPhone wallpaper with a teddy

If you need cute iPhone wallpaper a cute bunny wallpaper would be great!

cute iPhone wallpaper with a bunny

Other Wallpapers

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