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Christmas iPhone Wallpaper: 50+ Free Xmas Backgrounds to Download!

If you are looking for a new Christmas wallpaper for iPhone you’ve come to the right place!

This post contains over 50 cute Christmas wallpaper designs including Christmas trees, Christmas lights, Disney wallpapers, snowmen and many more!

These designs are great for both your lock screen or your home page and help to bright some festive cheer over the holiday season! If you want a new background with a free download there’s plenty to choose from!

christmas wallpaper iphone

How to Save My Christmas iPhone Wallpaper

To set one of these Christmas iphone wallpapers as thebackground image on your phone follow these instructions:

  1. Tap and hold the photo and save it to your camera roll
  2. Open your device’s settings app from the home screen
  3. Select “Wallpaper”
  4. Select “Choose a New Wallpaper”
  5. Pick the photo you just saved to your camera roll

The Best Christmas iPhone Wallpapers

You can choose any of these Christmas iPhone background designs below. Unlike many wallpaper apps, these are all free and you can save as many as you like! I will be regularly updating this page when I find more designs so be sure to bookmark this post!

Magical Christmas Tree

The following three Christmas wallpaper backgrounds have images of a magical Christmas tree!

Magical Christmas Tree
Magical Christmas Tree
Magical Christmas Tree

Black and Silver Christmas Background

Black and Silver Christmas Background

Wallpaper with Christmas Decoration

The beautiful white wallpaper below shows a Christmas decoration on a tree.

Christmas Decoration

Santa Claus Wallpaper

The Santa Claus wallpaper below contains a white space at the top so the date and time can still clearly be seen on your lock screen. This is one of my favorite images to use on my phone at Christmas time!

Santa Claus Wallpaper - christmas wallpaper iphone

3d Christmas Wallpaper

If you’re looking for 3d Christmas wallpaper try out the Christmas tree image below! When saved onto iPhone the tree decoration gives a 3d effect!

3d Christmas Wallpaper

Fir Tree Design

I find sometimes the simplest Christmas iPhone backgrounds are the best! The fir tree design below is great for brightening up your phone!

fir tree wallpaper - christmas wallpaper iphone

Abstract Christmas Design

The background image below is a popular iPhone wallpaper design for both Christmas and New Year.

christmas wallpaper iphone

Christmas Tree Wallpaper for iPhone

The picture below was originally taken from my collection of desktop backgrounds but it works just as well as a Christmas iPhone wallpaper!

snowy scene with christmas trees - christmas wallpaper iphone

Gold Christmas Backgrounds for iPhone

This abstract festive winter bokeh background with fireworks and bokeh light works well on digital screens. It’s great for both Christmas and New Year!

gold christmas background

This is one of my favourite Christmas wallpapers for iPhone! The sparkly festive background and bright colours help to put you in the Christmas mood!

gold sparkly christmas background - christmas wallpaper iphone

White Christmas Wallpaper

White Christmas wallpaper designs are good for an iPhone screen since they allow you to easily see your clock and all your apps. Dark colored images can sometimes make it hard to see your icons. The white design below is great for both your smart phone or as a Christmas iPad wallpaper!

christmas wallpaper iphone with snowy sky

These pale coloured designs also make great desktop wallpapers! This one is a gray white blur on gray abstract background with white bokeh Christmas lights.

christmas wallpaper iphone with christmas white lights - christmas wallpaper iphone

Gold stars make great holiday wallpapers for Christmas, New Yew or other festivals!

gold stars

The design below has fir branches on blue wooden planks with lights bokeh. The colours work perfectly with an iPhone’s screen.

pines on wood background - christmas wallpaper iphone

This collection of Christmas wallpapers wouldn’t be complete without a Christmas tree wallpaper! It’s high resolution and creates an awesome look on your phone!

christmas tree

Christmas Pattern

This wonderful Christmas background has a fresh fir tree with spruce branches covered with snow on dark festive background.

christmas tree background - christmas wallpaper iphone

The rabbits with violins is a lovely design for Christmas eve. This is a more unusual Christmas wallpaper for iPhone but still captures the spirit of the season.

christmas rabbits with violins

This simple design shows a winter background with bokeh lights and snow. It’s a great xmas wallpaper for any Christmas celebration!

snowy scene - christmas wallpaper iphone

This Christmas defocused design shows golden glitter dust on a blue background. It might be a suitable wallpaper if you prefer darker images.

glittery scene

The beautiful snow flake design below will help you get into the holiday spirit. If you like pretty wallpapers with a bit of sparkle this is a lovely one to pick!

snow flakes - christmas wallpaper iphone

Pink and Gold Wallpaper for Christmas

The bright pink and gold design below is great for Christmas, but can be used all year round!

pink and gold wallpaper

The new Christmas wallpapers i’ve been adding to this page all have glitter and sparkle! These tend to be my most popular saves on Pinterest and look great on an iPhone xs max!

pink glittery wallpaper - christmas wallpaper iphone

Some of the best wallpapers are just glitter!! Check out this gold glitter Christmas tree shining

sparkly gold wallpaper

This sparkly red Christmas wallpaper for iPhone is one of my favourites!

sparkly red wallpaper - christmas wallpaper iphone

Snowy Christmas Scenes

I love hd wallpapers with snowy Christmas scenes! This amazing Christmas design shows beautiful snow flakes on a blue background!

snowy sky

The gorgeous free Christmas wallpapers below all show similar white snowy scenes!

white christmas wallpaper with baubles - christmas wallpaper iphone

This Christmas wallpaper hd shows a silver bauble in the snow.


I love merry christmas wallpapers hd with snow as the light background helps you to see your iPhone apps and icons clearly!

snowy christmas scene - christmas wallpaper iphone

This is a new wallpaper showing a xmas tree in the snow.

snowy christmas scene

This beautiful iPhone background shows a bauble on a flurry background.

baubles on white fir - christmas wallpaper iphone
christmas winter scene
snow on the trees - christmas wallpaper iphone
magical scene with snowflakes - christmas wallpaper iphone
trees and field covered in snow
snowman with pine cone - christmas wallpaper iphone
snowman and pine cone
toys in the snow - christmas wallpaper iphone
trees in the snow
white lights and snow with red baubles - christmas wallpaper iphone
snowy scene with snowflakes
white lights with red baubles and snow - christmas wallpaper iphone
trees in the snow
snowy scene - christmas wallpaper iphone
snowy scene
baubles - christmas wallpaper iphone
icy scene with present
christmas tree - christmas wallpaper iphone
ice reindeer
gold present - christmas wallpaper iphone
christmas tree with lights
night time snowy scene - christmas wallpaper iphone
gold present - christmas wallpaper iphone
trees in the snow
snowy scene with baubles - christmas wallpaper iphone

The design below has some lovely candy canes and a present!

a present with candy cane
a gold present with a candle - christmas wallpaper iphone

Thanks for reading my post on aesthetic Christmas wallpapers for iPhone! Unlike wallpapers you will find on the app store, mine are all free!

I am hoping to update this page for Christmas 2021 with some Christmas live wallpapers and animated Christmas backgrounds!


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  • iPhone 6s plus
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