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Himani Navratna Oil Review

Navratna Oil contains nine Ayurvedic herbs to stimulate hair growth and moisturise the scalp. It has a cooling effect on the skin, and helps to reduce hair fall and stress. If you are looking for an Indian hair oil for growth and thickness, the Navratna Hair Oil might be your new best friend! This post is my review of Navratna oil with a video showing before and after results.

Himani Navratna Oil review

Hair oils are regularly used in India either before washing the hair or as an overnight treatment. The ancient practice of hair oiling is recommended in traditional Ayurvedic texts. Different oils can be used to treat specific hair problems such as dryness or dandruff.

Navratna oil is not only a hair treatment but can also be used as a body oil for massage, to soothe dry skin, or as a stress buster. In my review I have only used Navratna oil on my hair and scalp, to help stimulate growth, and to moisturise my hair.

This post is my review of the Himani Navratna oil

Himani Navratna Oil Review

a photograph of the Navratna Oil packaging

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What is Navratna Oil?

Navratna oil is a deep red, watery oil with a strong fragrance. It a multi-purpose oil that can be used either on the hair and scalp, or as a body massage oil. It helps to keep the head cool, stimulate hair growth, and relieve body pain.

The herbal extracts within the oil have medicinal benefits which reduce physical stress, relieve muscular pains, prevent premature hair fall and promote blood circulation in the scalp.

The name Navratna is derived from Sanskrit: Nav means “nine” and Ratnas mean “gems”. The name literally means “the nine gems” referring to the nine different Ayurvedic herbs that make up its unique ingredients. The oil is entirely natural and does not contain any chemical ingredients.

You can see from the photograph below that the oil has a red colour and a very watery consistency. The Ayurvedic oil is made by Emami Limited.

What the Navratna oil looks like out of the bottle

11 Benefits of Himani Navratna Oil

Navratna oil consists of nine active natural ingredients but is mainly made up of amla, thyme, sesame oil, camphor, menthol, and rosemary oil. These herbs are not only beneficial for the hair, but can also be used on the body to reduce stress and soothe tired, achy muscles.

The main benefits of Navratna Oil for the hair and body include:

  • Promotes hair growth
  • Makes hair shiny, glossy and thick
  • Prevents premature hair fall
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Reduces dandruff
  • Perfumes your hair
  • Effective memory aid
  • Stress relief
  • Soothes minor burns
  • Reduces muscle aches
  • Has a cooling effect on the skin

Let’s have a look at some of these benefits in a little more detail.

1. Navratna Oil Promotes Hair Growth

Navratna oil gives you thicker hair and noticeable regrowth. It contains spiked ginger lily (also known as kapoor kachli) which helps to stimulate the hair follicles, encouraging faster, healthier hair growth.

Kapoor kachri is widely used in Ayurvedic remedies to make the hair thicker and with more volume. It naturally stimulates hair growth and also makes the hair shinier. It’s also used in India as a dry shampoo since it helps to remove excess oil from the scalp.

2. Makes Hair Shiny and Glossy

Himani Navratna is known as the best Ayurvedic oil in the market because of its ability to make the hair extremely glossy and shiny.

It also improves the texture of the hair and reduces flyaway strands or frizz. The formula contains herbal ingredients like hibiscus and amla which are known for their natural ability to condition the hair.

3. Prevents Premature Hair Fall

Navratma oil contains rosemary oil which promotes blood circulation in the scalp and ensures the hair follicles are properly nourished. This can make the hair root stronger and hair less likely to fall out prematurely.

Navratna oil also contains ylang ylang and hibiscus which both help to strengthen the hair follicles and even stimulate hair regrowth even from dormant follicles and bald patches.

4. Increases Blood Circulation

Navratna not only increases blood circulation in the scalp but when used as a massage oil can help to improve blood circulation in the rest of the body too.

The oil can help to alleviate joint pain, and when used as an everyday massage can make the skin to look brighter and healthier.

5. Reduces Dandruff

Navratna oil contains both camphor and menthol which are naturally antiseptic and reduce bacteria and fungal infections on the scalp.

The herbal oil can effectively soothe and moisturise the scalp relieving any itching or flakiness. The unique Ayurvedic herbs in the formula can be used to treat dandruff and to relieve the related symptoms.

6. It Perfumes Your Hair

The pink coloured oil has a rich herbal smell which comes from its blend of nine potent herbs. It leaves your hair naturally fragranced.

The calming fragrance of Himani Navratna hair oil can have the added benefits of relaxation and stress relief.

7. Effective Memory Aid

Himani Navratna oil creates an enjoyable cooling sensation on the scalp. This not only promotes relaxation and a sense of calm but can also help to make the mind sharper and increase memory.

Navratna oil helps to dispel any excess heat in the head, reducing anger and helping you to better focus.

8. Stress relief

Both the calming fragrance and therapeutic cooling effect on the skin helps to reduce stress and anxiety. The formula contains vetiver oil which is known for its calming benefits and often used in aromatherapy to help soothe and calm.

If used as an overnight hair treatment this oil can help to promote sound sleep. It also contains Thyme Gratiola, commonly known as Brahmi, which helps to reduce stress and fatigue.

9. Soothes Minor Burns

Navratna oil contains both amla and musk mallow which can be used to calm inflammations on the skin or scalp including minor burns.

Sesame oil was shown in one study to help heal burns and reduce tissue damage. The goodness of sesame oil can also be seen in its ability to calm redness and inflammation.

10. Reduces Muscle Aches

The natural herbs in Navratna Oil are effective at reducing any body ache or pain when it is used as a massage oil.

A body massage can relieve muscle aches and soreness as well as provide a sense of rejuvenation.

11. Has a cooling effect on the skin

The unique blend of herbs in Navratna Oil has a cooling effect on the skin which means it can be useful in eliminating excess heat from the body on a hot day or due to illness.

How to Use Himani Navratna Oil

To use the oil as a hair treatment, apply it directly to your hair and and scalp. Massage it gently from the roots to the tip of hair. For the best results leave the oil on your hair overnight and wash it out the next day.

If you are using Navratna Oil to reduce hair loss then ensure you concentrate on applying the oil to the scalp and spend time massaging it well into the hair roots.

You will start to see good results immediately however it may take three months before you see noticeable hair regrowth.

If you want to use the oil to relieve body aches, you can use Navratna Oil in the same way you would use a regular massage oil.

Although the bottle says to use the oil twice per day, I used it on my hair about once a week. I found this was enough to help soothe my scalp and add moisture to my hair strands.

How to use Navratna oil - instructions on the bottle

Pros and Cons of Navratna Oil

After testing the oil out over several months, I would recommend it to anyone who has dry or thinning hair. It worked well for me and I liked the strong herbal fragrance. It’s also a great oil if you want to do a regular hair massage.


  • Relieves stress
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Improves scalp health
  • Moisturises the hair
  • If you like herbal scents, this one is very strong
  • Great massage oil that cools the scalp


  • If you don’t like herbal smells this may not be for you
  • Strong smell that remains after washing off
  • Too greasy for oily hair
  • Can sting the eyes if you are not careful

Navratna Oil Ingredients

Key Ingredients

Amla, Mentha Leaves, Vetiver, Thyme Gratiola, Musk Mallow, Rosemary, Spiked Ginger Lily, Ylang Yalng and Hibiscus.

Full ingredients

Paraffinum liquidum, Oryza sativa bran oil, Menthol, Sesamum indicum seed oil, Camphor, Mentha arvensis leaf oil, Rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil, Melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil, Pogostemon cablin leaf oil, Emblica officinalis fruit extract, Vetiveria zizanioides root extract, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis flower extract, Bacopa monnieri extract, Hedychium spicatum extract, Eclipta prostrata extract, Parmelia perlata extract, Hibiscus abelmochus extract, Cananga odorata flower oil, Parfum, BHT, CI 26100, CI 61565.

The ingredients listed on the box

What Sets the Himani Navratna Oil Apart from its Competitors?

Over the years I have tested out many different Ayurvedic hair oils. For me the Navratna stood out as being the most cooling and having the strongest scent. It didn’t necessarily moisturise my hair better than other oils, but I liked it since it helped me to sleep better and feel calmer.

The Navratna oil has five main competitors:

  1. Marico Maha Thanda
  2. Dabur Super Thanda
  3. Himgange
  4. Banphool
  5. Rahat Rooh

All of these oils can be used to relieve pain, stress, and body aches. They are all cool oils which are good for use in hot climates, or as massage oils to soothe body muscles.

The main different between the Navratna oil and its competitors, for me living in England, is that is more readily available! There are several different merchants that sell Navratna oil to the United Kingdom, but when I tried to order the other cooling oils I found them more difficult to source.

After doing some research online I discovered that Navratna oil is currently dominating the cool hair oil market in India. They own more than 50% of the market share in this category. It is the most well known cool hair oil and has even been promoted by Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan.

I hope to be able to test out other Ayurvedic cooling oils soon, but in the meantime if you want to learn more about Navratna oil’s competitors, you can get further information here.

A Personal Review of Using Himani Navratna Oil

I ordered the Navratna oil to help me with hair growth and thickness and also improve hair shine. The first thing I noticed was the very strong herbal smell. The smell completely saturates your hair and I had people asking me for days afterwards what perfume I was wearing. It is a nice herbal smell but very strong.

It is a slightly greasy oil which has a very powerful cooling effect on the scalp. I found this particularly helpful at times when I felt stressed or had a headache. I didn’t realise when I first used it that the cooling effect on your scalp is used in India to assist with agitated thoughts, stress and anger. The oil helped me to relax after a long day and reduce any stress or fatigue.

The Himani Navratna Herbal Hair Oil needs to be washed out with shampoo, and I found I needed to wash my hair twice to completely remove the oil. However the oil was so moisturising for my hair I didn’t need to use conditioner after washing it out.

The three effects I noticed after using the oil were reduced stress, thicker hair and my hair was extremely glossy. I even had comments from people asking me what I was using on my hair because it looked so healthy.

Overal Verdict on Himani Navratna

I would recommend this hair oil for you if you are worried about thinning hair and need a product to encourage growth. It would also be suitable if your hair was dry and damaged and needed extra moisture. It is also a great product for helping you to relax!

If you are suffering from unnatural baldness this is a great product to encourage your hair to regrow. It’s also easy to add to your weekly hair care routine.

Where You Can Buy Navratna Oil

The Himani Navratna oil is available to buy at Amazon, Walmart, PharmEasy or FlipKart

Himani Navratna Herbal Oil Cool With 9 Active...
  • Himani Navratna Herbal Oil
  • 200ml
  • For hair and body massage

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FAQs About Navratna Oil

What is Navratna oil used for?

Navratna oil can be used used for a head or body massage, or as a hair treatment. It is suitable for both men and women and can help to relax tired muscles and cool the scalp and body. It is also effective at promoting healthy hair growth and strengthening the hair strands.

Does Navratna oil help hair growth?

Yes! Navratna oil contains many natural ingredients that are known to help with hair growth. Some of these include rosemary oil, ylang ylang and hibiscus.

Is Navratna oil safe to use?

No side effects have been reported from using this oil. If you use it as a hair treatment be careful to avoid getting it in your eyes when rinsing your hair, since it can cause stinging.

Is Navratna oil good for skin?

Navratna oil can help to cool the skin and promote blood circulation, however it should not be used on the face.

Is Navaratna oil good for hair?

Yes! Navratna oil helps to strengthen and moisturise the hair. It also promotes a healthy scalp and encourages hair growth. Using this oil regularly will leave your hair shiny and glossy.

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This Post was all about the Himani Navratna Oil

Thank you for reading my post about Navratna Ayurvedic oil. If you have tried this oil for hair regrowth please leave a comment below on how you got on!