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19 Makeup Ideas that are Perfect with a Black Dress

Black dresses are a timeless and versatile choice for various occasions, and the right makeup can elevate your look from elegant to extraordinary. This post lists a range of makeup ideas that complement a black dress, ensuring you steal the spotlight at any event.

makeup ideas for black dress

Makeup Ideas to go with a Black Dress

Below are 19 distinct makeup looks that beautifully complement a little black dress, along with suggestions for accessories and hairstyles to complete each look.

1. Classic Smokey Eyes and Red Lip

Accessories Statement gold earrings and a sleek black clutch
Hairstyle Elegant low bun or soft Hollywood waves

Create timeless smokey eyes with neutral eyeshadows and bold black eyeliner. Pair it with a bold red lip color for a sophisticated, high-contrast look.

makeup ideas for black dress

2. Natural Nude Look

Accessories Delicate pearl jewellery and a nude or clear clutch
Hairstyle Loose beachy waves or a simple half-up, half-down hairstyle

Achieve a natural makeup look that enhances your skin tone and features. Use nude tones for your eyeshadow and lipstick, creating a minimalistic yet radiant appearance.

Women wearing a black dress for formal events

3. Jewel-Toned Elegance

Accessories Gemstone earrings or a jewelled clutch
Hairstyle Polished updo or a sleek ponytail with a jewelled hairpin

Experiment with jewel-toned eyeshadows in emerald, sapphire, or amethyst shades. Keep the rest of your makeup understated, allowing your eyes to shine.

makeup ideas for black dress

4. Bright Pop of Color

Accessories Vibrant statement necklace or colorful heels
Hairstyle Loose side-swept curls or a messy bun

Add a pop of color to your eye makeup with bright and vibrant eyeshadow shades. Complement this with a bright lip color to create an energetic and lively look.

classic makeup look for black attire

5. Pretty in Pink Glamour

Accessories Pink chandelier earrings and a velvet clutch
Hairstyle Sleek and straight or a high bun for a high-fashion edge

Choose a dramatic pink smokey eye makeup look by using dark pink and magenta eyeshadows and adding a winged eyeliner for a captivating and intense gaze. Complement this daring eye makeup with a bold pink lip for a striking and chic appearance.

makeup ideas for black dress

6. Subtle Cat-Eye Flicks and Nude Lips

Accessories Cat-eye sunglasses and a structured black handbag
Hairstyle Sleek high ponytail or a classic French twist

Enhance your eyes with subtle cat-eye flicks using liquid liner. Keep your lips in a nude tone for a delicate and sophisticated look.

bold eye makeup with a dark dress

7. Glossy Lips and Smokey Eyes

Accessories Statement belt and patent leather heels
Hairstyle Loose and voluminous curls or a tousled bob

Achieve a fresh and modern look with soft smokey eyes and glossy lips. The glossy finish adds a touch of playfulness.

makeup ideas for black dress

8. Sterling Elegance with Silver Smokey Eyes

Accessories Silver drop earrings and a matching metallic clutch
Hairstyle Chic and sleek updo

Create a captivating silver smokey eye makeup look that shimmers and accentuates your eyes, perfectly complementing your black dress.

elegant look with silver earrings

9. Dark Lips and Smokey Eyes

Accessories Gothic-inspired jewellery and a studded clutch
Hairstyle Sleek, straight hair or a textured, messy bob

Opt for dark lipstick shades like deep plum or black cherry. Complement it with a smokey eye makeup for a mysterious and edgy look.

makeup ideas for black dress

10. Golden Glitter Glam

Accessories Gold chandelier earrings, a sequin clutch, and gold heels
Hairstyle Slicked-back low bun or a glamorous updo with gold hairpins

Embrace opulent elegance with the inclusion of shimmery gold eyeshadow, precise winged eyeliner, voluminous bold mascara, and a lustrous golden lipstick. This makeup ensemble is your passport to making a profound statement, when paired with a classic black dress. It exudes sophistication and radiance, encapsulating the very essence of a luxurious night out.

gold eyeshadow and lip colour

11. Burgundy Smokey Eyes and Berry Lips

Accessories Amethyst jewellery, a velvet clutch, and black ankle-strap heels
Hairstyle Loose curls or a romantic side-swept braid

Enhance your allure with deep burgundy smokey eyes that cast a sultry and mysterious spell. Complement the captivating gaze with a rich berry-hued lipstick that adds a touch of romantic allure. A soft blush delicately enhances your cheeks, completing the look with a subtle, rosy flush.

makeup ideas for black dress

12. Mystique Noir and Blushing Pink

Accessories Black chandelier earrings & black choker
Hairstyle Sleek low ponytail, or messy bun with a black ribbon

Elevate your black outfit with a captivating black and pink makeup look. Adorn your eyes with a dramatic cat eye, drawing attention with its sharp and seductive lines. Complement the edgy cat eye with a pop of soft pink eyeshadow that adds a touch of feminine charm, creating a perfect balance between bold and delicate. Finish the look with a nude lip to let your eyes and dress take center stage.

dramatic eyes

13. Turquoise Temptation in Black Elegance

Accessories Teardrop turquoise earrings and silver strappy heels
Hairstyle Soft, romantic curls, or low, sleek bun with a turquoise hairpin

For a special event or a romantic date night in your elegant black dress, elevate your look with mesmerizing turquoise eyeshadow. The vibrant eye makeup will make your eyes pop with an alluring and exotic charm. Pair it with a subtle lip gloss to keep the focus on your captivating eyes.

makeup ideas for black dress

14. Ravishing Red Elegance in Noir

Accessories Ruby statement earrings and black and gold clutch
Hairstyle Sleek low bun or Hollywood waves

For a memorable evening at a special occasion or a dinner party, accentuate your chic black dress with a bold makeup look featuring sultry brown eyeshadow. The warm, well-blended brown tones create an aura of timeless sophistication around your eyes, while a touch of translucent powder ensures a flawless finish. Complement this alluring eye makeup with a bold red lipstick.

black dress makeup look

15. Sapphire Nights in Noir

Accessories Silver drop earrings with sapphire accents and blue clutch
Hairstyle Sleek, high ponytail or loose, tousled waves

Elevate the allure of your black dress with a touch of mystique and drama by embracing bold blue eye makeup. The vivid blue hues on your eyelids create a striking and captivating focal point, adding an element of intrigue and excitement to your overall look. Finish with a red lipstick.

makeup ideas for black dress

16. Eternal Glamour in Glittering Black

Accessories Crystal statement earrings and silver or metallic clutch
Hairstyle Sleek, high bun with glittering hairpins or loose waves

Create a timeless and bold look that perfectly complements your black dress by incorporating glitter. The sparkling, shimmering elements of the makeup add a touch of glamour and opulence, ensuring you stand the test of time as the epitome of elegance and style at any special event.

Woman wearing sparkly eyeshadow and silver statement earrings

17. Jewel Elegance in the Black Spotlight

Accessories Colorful earrings and a clutch with jewel-like embellishments
Hairstyle A sleek updo with a few strategically placed jeweled hairpins

Elevate the charm of your lovely black dress with a makeup look featuring rich jewel tones. The opulent jewel-colored eyeshadow, carefully blended to perfection, enhances your eyes with a captivating allure, making them the focal point of your ensemble. This look adds an exquisite touch of luxury and elegance to your overall appearance, ideal for any special occasion.

makeup ideas for black dress

18. Peach Perfection in Elegant Black

Accessories Rose drop earrings and a peach clutch
Hairstyle Loose, romantic waves or a low bun

Achieve a flawless look that perfectly complements your black dress by embracing soft peach tones. The peachy eyeshadow, delicately blended, brings warmth and radiance to your eyes, creating a harmonious and elegant appearance. This makeup look adds a touch of natural beauty and sophistication, ensuring you shine at any event in your black dress.

woman wearing peach makeup and peach earrings

19. Emerald Enchantment in the Midnight

Accessories Green earrings and black or green clutch
Hairstyle Sleek, high bun with green hairpins, or cascading curls

Achieve a dramatic look that beautifully complements your black dress by incorporating deep green tones. The intense green eyeshadow, expertly blended for depth and allure, adds an enchanting and captivating element to your gaze, making it the focal point of your ensemble. This makeup look promises to create a striking and unforgettable appearance for any special occasion.

woman wearing green eyeshadow and green earrings

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This Post was a List of Makeup Ideas for a Black Dress

Thank you for checking out my makeup ideas that compliment a black dress. In the world of fashion and beauty, black dresses are like a blank canvas where you can try different makeup styles. You can go for a natural look with nude lipstick for daytime events or get bold with smoky eyes and a standout lip color for fancy occasions. By following some makeup tips and choosing the right colors, you can enhance your natural beauty and make your black dress look great for any event.