Altrient C & Other Surprising Amazon Beauty Buys!


Altrient C turned out to be one of my top beauty buys on Amazon. Check out my top five beauty buys below.

Olivia's 5 Top Amazon Beauty Buys: Altrient C, Kerastase, Rimmel, Elizabeth Arden and Weleda, Altrient C on Amazon

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1. Altrient C on Amazon

This product has been proven to increase the elasticity of the skin over time.  A study showed that over 16 weeks this form of vitamin C can increase your skin’s firmness and elasticity by 61.4%. It also leads to a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on both the face and body. You can read the study that was done here.

Altrient C on Amazon boosts collagen production & assists with skin repair

I have been taking the supplement for about three months now. I haven’t notice a huge difference but then I only take one sachet every other day (due to the price!). These sachets have definitely made a difference to my energy levels though and my skin does seem more supple. I would recommend them for anyone worried that their skin doesn’t have the same elasticity as it used to.

Altrient C – Liposomal Vitamin C – Lypospheric Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C -Vitamin C 1000mg – 30 Sachets

2. Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart on Amazon

This moisturiser is brilliant if you live in a big city full of pollution, like I do! It not only has an SPF of 50 but also protects your skin by creating a barrier against pollutants in the air such as car exhaust and cigarette smoke.

It’s a broad spectrum mineral sunscreen (SPF50) so it blocks out both UVA and UVB rays with a combination of zinc and titanium dioxide. It also contains idebenone, green tea, thiotaine, Ferulic acid and l-carnosine which are anti-oxidants that protect your skin from pollution.  

The price on Amazon is better than anywhere else online (that I’ve found) and one tube has lasted me about six months. The cream has a watery consistency and also has a slight tint to it meaning you can get away without using foundation when you are using it.   

At the moment this is my sunscreen of choice and always an immediate re-purchase for me!

Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart

3. RIMMEL LONDON ScandalEyes Eye Shadow Stick on Amazon

These eyeshadow sticks are absolutely brilliant and I can’t seem to find them anywhere but on Amazon.  My favourite colour is the Bad Girl Bronze but they are all lovely and have a light shimmer to them.  The colour stays on perfectly all day and doesn’t smudge.  

I haven’t found any other eyeliner pen with the same shade of gold/bronze as the Bad Girl Bronze colour and it’s my favourite eyeshadow. I think it would suit any eye colour and is a great buy..

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Shadow Stick, 3 Bad Girl Bronze, .25 g

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4. Weleda Sage Deodorant on Amazon

I love the Weleda brand but their Sage Deodorant is my favourite of all their products. The smell is lovely and fresh and it dries within seconds, plus it is free from aluminium salts. It doesn’t leave any stickiness or stain your clothes as, I have found, other alternative deodorants do.

I always have a bottle of this deodorant in my cupboard mainly because I love the smell. It was first introduced to me by one of my patients at the hospital. It smelt so lovely and the whole ward could smell it for hours. It’s a very mild scent but fresh and relaxing; something about it reminds me of a spa. Again Amazon seem to do the best price.

Weleda Sage Deodorant 100ml

5. KERASTASE Discipline Bain Fluidealiste Shampoo on Amazon

This shampoo makes your hair sleek and shiny. This particular one in the Kerastase line is supposed to reduce frizz. I have found that my hair is much more manageable after using it. It also has a lovely smell.

I always get compliments on my hair whenever I use this product. For a shampoo it’s not cheap however I have found that Amazon do the best price. I think it’s worth looking after your hair in the long term as I have noticed this keeps my hair moisturised and I don’t get dry ends the way I used to.

KERASTASE Discipline Bain Fluidealiste Shampoo, 250 ml

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Amazon Beauty FAQs

What is Amazon Beauty?

Amazon Beauty is not just skin care and makeup. It also includes shampoo, fragrances, foot, hand & nail care and tools & accessories.

What is the Most Popular Beauty Product?

On Amazon the most popular beauty products include concealers, makeup brush sets, and the LaRoc 120 colour eye shadow palette.

What are the Best Selling Beauty Products on Amazon?

Currently the Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder, LilyAna Naturals Retinol Cream and Cosmedica Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum.

What is Amazon Luxury Beauty?

Amazon Luxury Beauty sells luxury skincare, makeup, hair care, and spa products.

Altrient C Amazon

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